Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Lithium Catalyst: No Planes, No Trains, And No Automobiles As Record Smog Shuts Beijing LIT, ILC.v, TNR.v, RM.v

  Now we have another confirmation of the very important trend that we have discussed yesterday and you can realise why China becomes now the Top player in the Lithium market under the radar screen of Facebook investment community.

Powered by Lithium: Is the Tesla Model S the Future of Electric Cars? TSLA, ILC.v, TNR.v, LIT

"Mass Media is very fast to point out any problem with electric cars and with Tesla Model S, particularly. Other people's success is very hard to digest for some people. Nothing grows to the sky and there could be different opinions about Tesla Motors valuations, stock can go up and down with Mr Market's changing perception of value. The most important thing now is not to miss the big picture here. 
  Elon Musk has demonstrated that Electric Cars can be like "Normal Cars", but only better. Customers are voting with their wallets and Mr Market was very impressed with this market disrupting technology so far. Every Tesla Model S sold is another testament to the progress and sign of available future for all of us. New Tesla Model Gen III mass market electric car from will bring this future much closer. 
  Urban mobility in places like China and India will be only possible with electric cars introduced on the mass market scale. Pollution is already the main factor determining government policies there. China has implemented the state level plan to secure strategic commodities like Lithium to make this electric revolution possible. There will always be setbacks down the road, but the smart money already are building positions in this mega trend."

Ganfeng Lithium Co. Ltd. Exercises Option On International Lithium Corp.'s Blackstairs Lithium Project, Ireland ILC.v, TNR.v

"The Second Option states that Ganfeng Lithium can earn an additional 24% interest in the Blackstairs Project by incurring $10 million in expenditures on the Blackstairs Property or producing a positive feasibility study on the Property within ten years of the effective date. At the request of Ganfeng Lithium, the Company is preparing a budget proposal for the first two years of exploration on the Blackstairs Project, which will include regional scale reconnaissance work and detailed analysis of areas such as Moylisha and Aclare where historic mineralization is confirmed by Company drilling (NR_June25_2013)."


No Planes, No Trains, And No Automobiles As Record Smog Shuts Beijing

China started re-opening roads and airports in Beijing and surrounding areas that have been shut by record high levels of smog. An estimated 430 million people were expected to travel during the holiday that ends today and with the air quality index "improving" from its highest possible level to below 200 (the line between heavy and medium pollution), some will be able to return home. The clips below are stunning (and no that is not 'fog'); summed up best by one Shanghai-based accountant that Bloomberg reports noted, "I won’t go to heavily polluted places like China’s north region as it’s either hazardous to your health or causes trouble when traveling."

Beijing Air Poluution Hits Highest

China smog shrouds Beijing and Northern China


“Beijing will see light rain tonight, which will make it easier for air pollutants to dissipate,” Beijing Meteorological Bureau said today in its official microblog. The bureau lifted a yellow alert on smog at 8:50 a.m., predicting that visibility will improve.

The closures yesterday of six expressways and disruption at Beijing Capital International Airport underscore the severity of pollution that has become the top cause of social unrest in China.


Police closed six expressways linking the capital city to Shanghai, Tianjin and Harbin yesterday, and 47 flights at Beijing Capital International Airport were affected.

Some parts of the expressways linking Beijing to Shanghai and Tianjin were still closed as of 9:40 a.m


The State Council, China’s cabinet, said last month it will cut coal consumption, close steel plants and control the number of cars on its roads to gradually eliminate heavily polluted days in as soon as a decade.


China will build a nationwide network within three to five years to monitor the impact of air pollution on health, the official Xinhua News Agency reported on Oct. 5, citing the Chinese Center for Disease Control and  Prevention'

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