Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Powered By Lithium: How the Tesla Model S is Made

  WIRED has produced the brilliant documentary about how the electric revolution is made.

Powered By Lithium: Electric Car Batteries of the Future

"It is time for education in order to spot the future trends. If you are interested in Electric Cars, Batteries and Lithium - time invested in this video will pay you back well. Junior miners massacre has provided all of us with the opportunity to pick up the best survivors in the lithium space one more time."

Will Tesla Model S Bring The Life Back To Lithium Miners?

"For us here the only question left is when. We are following Lithium story for years and have our own ups and downs with the sector. Tesla Model S has taken the question about the viability of electric cars out of the market equation now - they are here to stay. 
  Now the only time is required for general public to realise that shale oil is the dead end and find out why China and Japan are securing the Lithium supply now. Way Of The Future came out with the great article putting Lithium Big Picture together."

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