Monday, July 29, 2013

Powered By Lithium: BMW i3 Electric Revealed

  BMW i3 Electric revealed in New York, London and Beijing today.

Powered By Lithium: BMW's i3 hatchback is mark of electric car confidence

Iconic auto brand will make its own statement in electric revolution on Monday. It could be another very important chapter for Electric Cars roll out, if BMW is really serious about it. With German luxury car maker behind it BMW i3 can take the niche right below the Tesla Model S in the market and make Electric Cars urban mobility fashion. Range Extender can be the game changer in Electric Cars proposition. 

Will Tesla Model S Bring The Life Back To Lithium Miners?

"Now the only time is required for general public to realise that shale oil is the dead end and find out why China and Japan are securing the Lithium supply now. Way Of The Future came out with the great article putting Lithium Big Picture together."

Car Magazine:

BMW i3 (2013) official pictures, prices and specs

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