Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lithium Drive - New BMW i3 2014 Trailer

  BMW will ignite the interest in Electric Cars with its BMW i3 coming this fall. 

First drive: BMW i3

TG grabs a ride in BMW's rear-wheel-drive i3 electric car. Is this the future of cars?

"One day, the idea of cars driven by electric motors will become routine. After all, diesels were once a novelty, and so were turbos. We've just had a drive in a BMW i3 – visually disguised, but the real thing in the way it behaves – and it feels so incredibly natural that you rapidly fall for the idea that electric drive should be an idea that nobody questions.
After all, if you were on the ground floor and wanted to get to the 21st, would you want a lift powered by petrol? One that changed up a gear as it passed the 14th floor, and changed down again on the 19th? Nope, for smooth and silent movement, electricity is the way to go."

Lithium M&A "Art of War": Talison Lithium backs $848,000,000 Chinese Takeover Bid, ILC.v, LMR.v, RM.v

"If you have the Feeling that your children are losing something - you could be right this time. The last opportunity to Escape the Civil War, which will follow The Break Down of the Social fabric in the Western Society is fading by the hours now, not even years." 
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