Thursday, July 04, 2013

Charles Nenner Research: Cycles Say Gold is Bottoming.


  If the history is of any guidance, today's BOE statement and Pound Slaughtering is the sign of things to come in the US Former Reserve Currency Of Choice Land. We will remind everybody that QE was first started by BOE and it was called as it is: Money Printing. 


Cycles Say Gold is Bottoming

"Kitco News talks with David Gurwitz of Charles Nenner Research. Gurwitz explains how cycle research predict price movements in gold, silver and other markets. "We're very close to a bottom, and longer term we think it's going to go back to where it was," Gurwitz told Kitco News when asked about gold prices. Tune in to hear about cycles and what the data has to say about the future of gold and silver prices. Kitco News, July 3, 2013."


Cable Carnage Following Carney's First Bank Of England Statement

"While it was not surprising that the BOE did nothing to change its rate or QE program, it was surprising (to some) that in the first official statement following the appointment of Goldman's Mark Carney as head of the Bank of England, the bank did mention that forward guidance and intermediate thresholds would likely be considered at the August assessment. Which, of course, is code for expect a major change in monetary policy. And now we also know the date, meaning that some time in August Goldman's latest central bank head will proceed doing what Goldman central bank heads do best: crush currencies in order to boost nominal, not real, returns and ensure another record Goldman bonus pool.
The full statement from the BOE:"

NSA, Michael Jackson and Max Keiser's Gold Theft In America!

"After NSA with all its "friends" spying 24/7 and Michael Jackson's latest exposure, we are just wondering now: who has the "Gold Manipulation Tapes"and who will dare to leak them first. We will not be surprised at all that it will happen very soon, but some shorts could be up to a treat."

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