Friday, February 08, 2013

Powered by LIthium: Tesla Model S review | Engadget

Tesla's Musk calls Boeing 787 Dreamliner Lithium Batteries 'fundamentally unsafe'

"There will be the period of trials and errors with every new technology, but Boeing case is the most extreme. Please note that according to the company reports: Tesla Motors uses Panasonic's "next-generation battery cell based on this nickel chemistry and optimized specifically for electric vehicle quality and life."

"Security in any airplane is the paramount concern - we are very surprised to read John's findings. LCO batteries with LiCoO2 chemistry are the most aggressive choice for the battery, when Cobalt has the risk of being easily oxidised with the huge amount of energy released. We will be very surprised if it is the case with Boeing 787 Dreamliner - automakers started to move away from this chemistry long time ago."

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