Sunday, February 03, 2013

Powered by LIthium: Is 2013 the Year of the Electric Car?

  Gallup makes a very good overview of the Plug-In Hybrids and pure Electric Cars available in 2013. And if we are talking about Electric Cars and have a picture of Slash in the video - his Anastasia will be The Good Energy here.

LIthium Game On. Obama Throws Down the Challenge on Climate Change

Powered by LIthium: Tesla Motors - Why Is It So Hard? Because "It Is Impossible."

Lithium M&A "Art of War": Talison Lithium backs $848,000,000 Chinese Takeover Bid, ILC.v, LMR.v, RM.v

"If you have the Feeling that your children are losing something - you could be right this time. The last opportunity to Escape the Civil War, which will follow The Break Down of the Social fabric in the Western Society is fading by the hours now, not even years. " 

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