Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Jim Rogers on George Soros, Goldman Sachs and When Harvard and Stanford Will Go Bust.

  As you know, we are not in a position to give any investment advice, we never tell you what to buy and what to sell. We are in the education business and only share with you our travel diary. Today we would like to share another idea about one of your best investment in yourself you can allow: buy and read this book from Jim Rogers.
  If you would like to know about The Break Up with George Soros on his "manipulations of the markets", why Jim O'Neill and Steven Roach "do not have a clue" about Emerging Markets (as the rest of the Wall Street) and how Allan Greenspan - "mediocre economist" has ruined the United States - this book is for you. What to expect next with the "Yes Man" - Mr Bernanke running the FED for his friends will be coming there as well. Inflation will be presented in a very interesting way by Jim - "How many Congressmen you could buy before for the price of one today."
  Please do not miss among the headline revelations, the real wisdom about this world and investing. You must know what you are doing and be the best in it, just one thing at a time. It will be enough. We will add: "Trust your Swing" - particularly when it is tough. 

  We guess that now, after Tim Geithner has joined CFR with his Turbo Tax skills you do not need to immigrate to Singapore to speak up your mind. The Masters and their Puppets are in a plain view, running the show for the Muppets without any constrains by secrecy any more.

Golden Age. Planet Ponzi. All You Need Is Love. Happy New Year 2013!

  "As Mitch Feierstein explains in his book "Planet Ponzi", you will not get much anything else if you are not in the Circle of Old Boyz. Oh ye, oops: we are wrong here - we will All get our Taxes Increased, Starting with Inflation. We will All get the Bill left from Those who continue to Party even now.

  Suck it up my friends, just suck it up. If you are not on the Payroll in Washington, DC or with other Members of the Oldest Pioneer Organisation - we are All pretty much ... (Add the Spice here to your liking)."

Sci-Fi Movie Script: "Federal Reserve - Keeping The Strong US Dollar Policy From 1913 - Established To Serve and Protect" GS, JPM, BAK, C, HBC

Strictly Confidential.

Presentation. First Pass.

Sci-Fi Movie Script.

In-House Working Title: "Keeping the Faith In the US Dollar"

Suggested Change: "Finding the Faith In the US Dollar"

Submitted Nov 19, 2012.

Status: Casting is open, AlphaCat is invited for President Obama's role.

Commonly Used Acronyms:

BS: Banking System, Banking Slaves, Male Cow Manure.
MF Global: A tragic case of a Very Sad Company of Well-Connected People "losing" a Lot of Other People's money.
MF (Sans Global): Naughty Word.
HFT: High-Frequency Trading or Hot "Naughty Word" Traders.
USTs: US Treasuries, or Your Children IOUs Issued mostly to "Asian Investors".

Hedge Funds: Wealthy People playing with Other People's Moneys.
Algos: When HFTs are Partying They are using Comps to Front-Run fellow Market Participants.
PROPs: Hedge Funds Organised Inside Banks by "Banksters" to Squeeze the Cream out of the Muppets.
Muppets: Bank Clients that are being Sold Stuff, which Banks Are Not Buying.
PPT: Plunge Protection Team, a team which Never Existed and where the "Banksters" are writing off losses to the Feds through their PROPs Trades, by Supporting "Efficient Market."
Feds: Unelected Officials, employed by the "Banksters". On Temporary Leave in order To Create and Support aforementioned "Efficient Market" and Keep Muppets from Running on the Streets.

FB: our favourite social networking site "Facebook"; "The Best Special OP Ever" according to the one Senator and the back-end of the FBI & CIA according to others.
IPO shares: Idiots Priced Our shares.

Wall Street and Investment Banks: Places where IPO shares are Sold to Muppets and Further Shuffling of That Stuff Is Undertaking Amongst Said Muppets Soon After That.

The Only Place Where Gentleman steps out from a Rolls-Royce and inquires the guy-who-took-the-tube-to-work on Sound Financial Advice. 

EMT: "Efficient Market Theory" - The Old Lady which is Murdered In The Last Scene. 
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