Monday, February 25, 2013

Lomiko Metals - New Graphene Play LMR.v


  Lomiko has gained some very important industry media traction with its latest move securing the strategic alliance with Graphene Laboratories. Market has responded to the deal very positively and has sold off lately in line with all junior miners Capitulation stage, as we believe it here. Company now is very well positioned to explore the vertical integration of its Graphite project into the very promising Entry into the Graphene market potentially. The only thing missing is the strong Chinese or Japanese company as a strategic partner for Lomiko Metals with the deep pockets to develop the Quatre Milles and now Lomiko Metals has a very interesting proposition for such potential strategic partner. 
  Lomiko Metals represents now not only the Quatre Mills property with "open pit mining potential", but a smooth access to the fast developing Western Graphene market via its alliance with Graphene Labs.
  As you can see from the article below, Paul Gill from Lomiko Metals is on par with Graphite Development industry "heavy hitters" like Focus Graphite. Focus Graphite with its market cap of 67 million dollars represent the completely different universe compare to Lomiko Metals market cap of 3.3 million. Access to the capital will be crucial for Lomiko now. What we like here is that Paul Gill is acting very fast and in line with even much stronger players in the sector. He has the promising  Graphite property and Graphene market Entry now packaged together - his available choices for capital has expanded dramatically and he can be lucky not only depend only on the state of the junior mining exploration market which is pronounced dead by many.

  We like the chart above from Jordan Roy-Byme and his "Time To Buy Precious Metals Now.

  We are looking for a turn-around in Gold and Junior Miners in Gold, Copper, Lithium and Graphite here. They are all priced now for the "End of the World" again as in 2008. With QE not going away any time soon we think that the real messages are coming from China, who are securing the Strategic Supply of materials for the New Economy in the 21st century. They are controlling REE market already, Breaking the Oligopoly in Lithium production, close to controlling Lithium Materials space and Graphene applications will be next.
  Should our junior mining market turn-around materialise with all other considerations above, Lomiko will represent a very leveraged play in the New Materials market place with applications stretching from Electric Cars with Lithium Batteries to Wind and Solar Power and to mobile devices with flexible displays.
  Next things we will be monitoring for catalyst in this particular play are access to the capital and our awaited turn-around in juniors. Call the company, make your own DD and talk to Paul Gill to make your own opinion, as usual. Interviews below will be the good start.

Industrial Minerals:

Lomiko Signs Strategic Alliance Agreement With Wold-Renowed Graphene Laboratories Inc. To Build Vertically Integrated Graphene Business Opportunities LMR.v

 " the Mr Market reaction will be next... And it was very impressive: Lomiko Metals was up 45.5% on the very respectable volume of 2.7 million shares. Now the follow through on this Volume Buy signal will be very important.

  Lomiko is cutting to the chase and moving forward with REE and other special markets approach - you can build this business only if you are integrated into the Demand side of it."

Lomiko's 11 High Grade, Near Surface Flake Graphite Drill Hole Results Indicate Open Pit Mining Potential at Quatre Milles LMR.v

"We like small companies in the Big Trends. It is the very risky proposition, but potential reward can justify it. We have our Big Trend - Energy Transition and Strategic Commodities to make it happen: Lithium and Graphite. We are investing here in the companies who can make it happen."

Please, do not forget, that we own stocks we are writing about and have position in these companies. We are not providing any investment advice on this blog and there is no solicitation to buy or sell any particular company.

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