Sunday, December 04, 2011

Lithium Drive: EV Charging Network Launched in DC Area by 350Green ilc.v, tnr.v, czx.v, rm.v, lmr.v, abn.v, asm.v, btt.v, bva.v, bvg.v, epz.v, fst.v, gbn.v, hao.v, jnn.v, ks.v, ktn.v, kxm.v, mgn, mxr.v,, svb, ura.v,,,

Lithium Charge: Nissan develops 10-minute electric car charger

The technical information on this technological breakthrough is very scarce at the moment.  This development can provide the necessary transition to the mass market for the electric cars. Question will be whether lithium batteries can sustain this kind of rapid charging without deterioration of their capacity and safety. 
  In any case we have the very promising news from Nissan and this is the example of technological advance in the electric space. Once we can elevate our problem with Peak Oil and pollution on the technological level, progress can exceed the most advanced expectations.

  If billions of dollars  were not spent in order to stop the alternative technology and endless wars to protect the Oil supply lines, but to advance even the existing technology of electric cars and lithium batteries we can achieve the energy transition within next few years.

"We need the Manhattan project for the Electric Cars in our broken society and we need it right now - who can lead the world into the future?

Electric Cars industry gives Trillion market place business opportunity to fill. And we will throw again as with Apple iCar - Why Not?"

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