Saturday, December 17, 2011

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  Technology is the way out, we still have time, but it is running out very fast. Peak Oil will make our way of life a distant memory very fast. We need to start transition now - before it is too late.

Peak Oil May 2011 U.S. House Session 

Finally, the "news" about Peak Oil are coming into the House...please do no make any mistake this information is known long time ago, but now it can not be concealed any more.

Lithium Drive: TRANSLOGIC 82: 2011 LA Auto Show, German EVs

We have great Electric energy from Translogic. BMW and Audi can make electric cars the real thing with the German quality and performance.

Lithium Drive: BMW i. Born Electric.

Welcome to a world of visionary mobility. With the North American premiere of the BMW i3 and i8 Concept vehicles, BMW is making lightning-fast performance and sustainability a reality. Step inside the 2011 LA Auto Show and witness what it means to be Born Electric.

Peak Oi: Jim Puplava with Chris Nelder–The Time for Energy Transition Is Now

"We do not have a lot of headlines on the IEA dire predictions about the $150 dollar Oil and Irreversible Climate Change these days, but it does not mean that smart people are not taking notice. Oil is above $100 again these days and Jim Puplava came out with another brilliant interview on the recent IEA revelations and Peak Oil situation. We are very pleased and surprised to hear that U.S. Military is at the forefront of Energy transition and will try to find out more on this progress. Maybe U.S. Military will be able to crack down on the Oil lobby in U.S. finally?"

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