Wednesday, April 07, 2010

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Technology will bring necessary safety, capacity, specific power and durability to lithium ion batteries. With billions coming into the sector and Asian power houses securing the advance we can expect very rapid development on this front. Mass production will be the key to the cost of the batteries and it is very important to remember that, according to FMC, cost of the Lithium in the battery end price is below 1%. With advancing demand price of Lithium can move very fast without affecting end users.

Ideal market situation for the new disruptive technology to create a life time investing opportunity is when Demand for product or service is already there and you are able to deliver it in a new way, which will be more appealing to Existing consumers of this product or service. You have a dramatic shift in consumer preference and are gaining a market share in a tidal wave fashion by shifting consumers from existing providers to the new product or service place. You do not have to teach the market and prove that they need this product - you just need to prove that the new technology you are putting in place is viable to deliver the Better Experience." Iain Thomson in San Francisco

Hitachi claim breakthrough will give ten years battery life

Hitachi has said it has achieved a breakthrough in the design of lithium-ion batteries that will extend their lifespan for up to 10 years and lower production costs.
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Researchers at the company report that they have come up with a new design of cathode which combines manganese and cobalt with other substances to increase the lifespan of the battery and lower the cost of manufacture.

In addition the electrolyte in the battery has been improved to lengthen the life of the battery and the company is researching other changes to electrolytes to further extend the potential lifetime of batteries.

However, the company said that laptop and phone users wouldnt be the first to see these improvements. Hitachi is concentrating its efforts initially on industrial-grade batteries and storage using the new technology.

The new battery technology was developed in association with the New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO), which was set up by the Japanese government to invest in power research."

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