Monday, April 19, 2010

Electric taxi has been unveiled at the Hannover Trade Show today. TNR.v, CZX.v, LMR.v, RM.v, WLC.v, LI.v. SQM, FMC, BYDDY, NSANY, F, DAI, HEV, AONE,


"Japanese and Chinese companies are aggressively making stakes in the new economy and Green Mobility: Nissan Leaf relies on NEC Lithium batteries and GS Yuasa will supply Mitsubishi. Price competition was opened by very aggressive Nissan Leaf pricing 25000 USD after all rebates in USA. More competition in electric car place and in battery supply chain will bring green mobility into the mass market stage, when Lithium supply will be a very crucial element of success. Magic number to remember is 1% - it is the cost of Lithium metal itself in the end price of Lithium battery. Doubling of price of Lithium Carbonate can become reality very fast with battery and electric car makers rushing to secure access to the strategic commodity and it will not affect the end user - buyer of the EVs."


A new electric taxi has been unveiled at the Hannover Trade Show today.
On its first day, the show played host to the new electric taxi concept, produced by German native Volkswagen.
The concept, finished in the traditional green and black of Milan taxis, is presented as a study into the viability of a mass-market, emission-free taxi powered by an electric motor.
The motor, which is capable of generating a peak of 115 PS, is fed through a lithium-ion battery integrated into the underside of the vehicle with a storage capacity of 45 Kilowatt-hours. This, combined with a kerb weight of 1,500 kg, allows the Milano Taxi concept to travel at speeds of up to 74 mph and up to 186 miles between charges.
In addition, the charging time of the lithium-ion batteries has been substantially reduced with over 80 per cent of its total capacity being reached in just over an hour.

Along with an innovative drivetrain, the Milano Taxi concept features clever packaging to make the vehicle as practical and friendly as possible for its occupants.
Despite measuring just 3.73 metres in length, 1.66 metres in width and 1.60 metres in height, making it shorter and narrower than the Fox, the Milano Taxi concept is capable of carrying two passengers in comfort with a glass panel roof creating a bright and, with 944 mm of headroom, spacious environment. Measuring 120 mm, the rear legroom rivals that of good sized saloons. Substantial space is also assigned at the front of the car to carry luggage while entry to the vehicle is made easier and more practical through the integration of a large door that both swivels and slides forward.
Once aboard, the passengers can access an LCD display mounted on the reverse of the driver’s seat to see an overview of the route being taken, pay the fare or change the climate functions in the back of the vehicle.
The driver is faced by a similar screen that can be personalised to show any combination of information relating to the vehicle systems, passenger fare or navigation functions.
The Milano Taxi concept draws inspiration from the classic Samba Bus from the 1950’s and forms part of Volkswagen’s aim to launch its first electric vehicle by 2013.
The Hannover show opened today and runs until Friday, April 23. Under the new motto ‘Efficiency – Innovation – Sustainability’, this year’s Hannover Messe showcases innovations, new developments and technologies, alongside new materials from the world of industry with a particular focus on greener technologies. Plenty exhibitors come from within the motor industry, Volkswagen is joined by e-moove, Peugeot, ParkPod, Tesla and Twike to name a few."
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