Tuesday, July 28, 2009

TNR Gold work commenced on Lithium and REE properties in Canada TNR.v, SQM, FMC, ROC, DAI, F, NSANY, BYD, TTM, TM, HUI, XAU, FXI, WLC.v, MAI.v, AVL.to

TNR Gold has announced that its exploration team is already on the grounds of its Lithium and REE properties in Canada. Junior is up to 0.25CAD on the news and volume is over 1 million shares. More funds are taken positions, financing was oversubscribed and Canada Zinc Metals CZX.v came into the picture with its Chinese partners Tongling. Media is full of electric cars and electric bikes stories: some reports suggested that in China in 2008 22 million electric bikes were sold alone. Chinese interest is understandable: TNR Gold still below last year level of 0.35CAD financing without any Lithium and REE properties. Los Azules is shaping into huge Copper deposit with NPV over 1 billion with Copper price above 2.1 USD/lb. Who knows better then Chinese where the commodity prices are going? We like to see that the company is not just sitting and playing on all these developments alone, but advancing its new Lithium and REE start up International Lithium Corp and preparing Alaska properties for Gold surpassing 1000 USD/oz. Will we have another spin out from TNR Gold this time of Alaska Gold and Copper next year?
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