Thursday, July 09, 2009

Lithium, Copper and Zinc: China’s Car Sales Explode Nearly 50% TNR.v, CZX.v, SQM, ROC, TM, TTM, NSANY, F, DAI, WLC.v, CLQ.v,, RES.v

China buys into Teck Resources and into smaller companies to secure supply for its Growth. Now we have Growth confirmation - decoupling in action.

Recent Chinese Tongling move into Canada Zinc play is getting new sense now with latest data on Car sales in China. Follow the money, they know what they are doing. Canada Zinc Metals CZX.v becomes a valuable asset in stable mining environment and with Zinc price moving back above 0.8 USD/lb stock will rebound fast. Recent move into Lithium and REE space is making this story even more dynamic.

Our Next Big Thing: new oil for Electric Cars - Lithium and REE will be growing in a fertile environment with this kind of growth. What Chinese know again that others don't, when they are buying Lithium plays in Australia and now we have some moves in Canada as well?

TNR Gold TNR.v still to make its Lithium start up to be public: International Lithium Corp will be spin off by the end of the year. Some articles are placing it as a Potash play now as well.

"The notion that the US is the world’s largest car market is gone, perhaps forever. China’s light vehicle sales rose 48% in June to 872,900.
The world’s most populous country will produce sales of at least 10 million cars, SUVs, and pick-ups this year. The US number is not likely to be above 9.6 million. China’s GDP is rising at 7% or better. It is hardly in a recession. Its large middle class has access to billions of dollars in capital, partially because of the country’s new $585 billion stimulus package.
The news is an indication that the auto market share war in China will heat up as local companies fight with foreign operations such as GM and VW for sales. Chinese car companies have joint ventures with car firms based in Japan, the US, and Europe. The concern of the outsiders is that China’s auto manufacturers will take what they have learned about product development and manufacturing to build their businesses and take a growing percentage of overall sales.
Companies such as GM may face an uphill battle with the local automakers in China, but they still have to fight it. The largest US car firm may never recoup the unit sales it had in America in 2004 and 2005. GM’s recovery may depend to a very large extent on how well it can do in the Chinese market.
The distance between vehicle sales in China and those in the US is bound to grow next year, especially as unemployment in America passes 10%. It would not be unimaginable to think that China could produce 20% more sales than America does in 2010.
Douglas A. McIntyre"
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