Thursday, July 09, 2009

Effective Market Theory according to Goldman Sachs: now we have Front Running and PPT in sight. RMK.v, TNR.v, CZX.v, ASM.v, CGS.v, FST.v,,

Plus to Gold market manipulation which is "almost legal" now we have Front Running and PPT team in sight with Goldman story. After these kind of stories recent Gold market action looks like a tree shaking just before the important move Up.

"By Gabriel Gray:

Did I not tell you that GS stands for Grotesquely Satanic? This looks like a bombshell: You've heard about the "proprietary program-trading code" that disappeared from Goldman Sachs? Well, there's a lot more to the story. Goldman Sachs went from 60% of program trading on NYSE to Missing in Action in a single week.Is Quant Trading Sabotage About to Destroy Goldman Sachs?

Huge Goldman Sachs FAIL as 32 megs of proprietary trading code stolen, and uploaded to a German server"Sergey Aleynikov, VP of equity strategy of Goldman Sachs, was arrested at Newark airport Saturday, July 4 by the FBI. Aleynikov is alleged to have encrypted, compressed, and uploaded 32 megs of ultra top-secret Goldman Sachs quant trading proprietary code to a website in Germany" more:

If you read the stories carefully, you learn several disturbing facts, among which are:1. Goldman Sachs is an operative of the WGCM, or Plunge Protection Team. Translation: they trade for the federal government. That ought to make your hair stand on end.2. Goldman Sachs has been shut out of program trading, as their black box was apparently shopped to the competition.3. Most stunning: The quant trading system that Aleynikov designed for Goldman, and which Goldman used to make about $100 million a day, gave GS real-time access to TCP protocols for most NYSE trading. Aleynikov's program accessed and collated the stream of NYSE trades before they were executed. That means that Goldman "knew" what everyone on NYSE was doing a split second before they did it. GS, in the guise of serving the Federal Beast, could effectively adjust trading at hyperspeed to profit from NYSE datafeeds.The source code went missing several weeks ago, which could explain the recent bizarre market action. This could also explain last Thursday's NYSE "computer problems" and the extended trading session.The NYSE program-trading report suggests three possibilities: Either Goldman has killed program trading for fear that their competition can shadow their strategies, or GS has been shut out of program trading by the feds or the NYSE. The third possibility is that Goldman simply told the NYSE to black out all their high-frequency trading data for the week.I'll leave you to imagine why Grievously Slimy would want to cover up a week's computer trading.If this is not tinfoil enough for you, I'll suggest one other explanation: Aleynikov is being set up by Goldman Sachs. When has the FBI ever moved this fast? I'm just asking.In any case, this story could turn into a real tape bomb. Anyone who is not too lazy to read should now realize that the NYSE is one giant rigged game.For a further good summary:"

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