Monday, July 13, 2009

Gold and Silver stocks Buy signal on Daily. RMK.v, TNR.v, CZX.v,, ASM.v, SGC.v, BTT.v, GBN.v, VTR.v, KTN.v,

We have a very strong Buy signal on HUI daily chart. MACD is at previous Buy level, turning Up, Slow STO is at Buy, the most important is a very strong White Hammer candle form today. Normally in a bull market Gold stocks will lead Gold up. Junior will be following, but the chance is still to accumulate. US Dollar is the key as usual:

"Elections are next month in Japan, leading opposition party is calling to diverse from US Dollar based Japan Reserve system - it means that the call is popular with voters. Japan was the last stronghold for US Dollar in Asia. Now this country could join China, India and Russia with their call for International reserve system. France last week made a small vendetta for "freedom fries" with its own call for currency talks."

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