Tuesday, March 24, 2009

TNR Gold TNR.v: Los Azules, Xstrata and Minera Andes MAI.to stakes are rising with Copper price. TNR.v, MAI.to, XTA.l

Dr Copper is trying to tell us something last couple of months, Dr Zinc is confirming his scientific observation.

Life is a journey and we like to enjoy it writing our Diary and Sharing Travel Experience. For those interested in Argentina, this winter could be hotter then usual.

TNR Gold TNR.v and its Argentina subsidiary Solitario filed lawsuits according to pages from the report above. At stake is 25% back in right on 50% of the Los Azules Northern part with a high grade core, effectively 12.5% of the total deposit.

To make things interesting throw into the picture legendary Robert McEwen with his latest investment of 40 million in Minera Andes after corporate fight for the company, power broker Lukas Lundin with his stake in MAI.to and Xstrata which will have to make a decision of 51% back in within 90 days from legal notice from Minera Andes after publishing this report.

Stakes are rising literally with rising Copper prices: project is highly leveraged to Copper price:

"Project is very capital intensive at 2.7 bln USD and highly leveraged to Copper prices: with increase of 11% in Copper long term price at 2.1 USD per lb NPV is rising 100% to 1 bln USD."

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