Monday, June 22, 2009

Robert McEwen on Gold, Juniors and Los Azules: Minera Andes AGM videos., TNR.v, RMK.v,, SNU.v, SGC.v, ASM.v,

Mr Gold Corp. - Robert McEwen now owns 37% of Minera Andes and became its interim President and CEO. We better listen to him about US Dollar, Gold, Argentina and Los Azules. The fine gentleman of his scale will put this huge deposit first on the investors' radar screens and then into production. How will he deal with TNR Gold claims? Xstrata has chosen to bully junior and TNR Gold was quick to response with a lawsuit: it is a disrespectful exception in junior exploration rim - you squeeze one junior today and nobody will go into deal with you again. Why it is important? You know about our Junior Mining Economics - now, please, listen to Golden Rob himself.

This is the Mr Gold Corp. - pay attention in part 3 to his attitude to investment and management and our Junior Mining Economics in action. FIAT currencies debasement explained, action of Gold and Gold miners during economic cycles. History of Minera Andes and Gold in Argentina.
TNR Gold TNR.v has now a very strong partner in Los Azules:

Following videos are Presentation of Minera Andes and Los Azules by now former CEO Mr Allen Ambrose: we have wrote before about Los Azules, this move by Rob McEwen, TNR Gold and Xstrata. Nothing has pointed to that decision at AGM.

Now we can get a sense of Mr Schellenberg and TNR Gold devotion for Los Azules, more on legal situation is here:

1. Los Azules is an extension of Chilean Copper belt into Argentina.

2. Xstrata is among five largest copper producers and very active in Argentina. "We have the expression that they are pretty exited with Los Azules".

3. Xstrata will have the right to back in for 51% by 29th of August 2009.

4. Deposit is open at depth, west and east. Several holes ended in 1% copper. East expansion is limited by topography - now we have explanation why engineers have put mining facilities into part of Escorpio IV, which is claimed by TNR Gold to be its property. Extension to the north could be very substantial: target is open for another 3 km (with LA being 3.7 km at present).

5. NPV of Los Azules with copper at 1.9USD/lb is 500 million USD, with copper 2.1USD/lb - 1 billion USD and with copper price at 3USD/lb - at 4 billion USD.

6. Number of copper producers has approached Minera Andes already on Los Azules.

7. 24 year mine life, production cost 0.85USD/lb of copper.

8. Global scale: Los Azules is larger then 83% of other deposits in the world, being in production will put it into top 20 producers.

Now we have the feeling, that this winter will be hot in Argentina for TNR Gold, Xstrata and Minera Andes.

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