Thursday, September 12, 2013

World Bank Whistleblower Interview On Central Banks, FIAT Currencies and Gold.

  Listen carefully to this explosive interview with Karen Hudes. She has spent 20 years in World Bank as a lawyer and was fired upon the exposing ongoing corruption over there. Now we will have a much better understanding about the Cabal and why Neocons and their puppets are so desperate to escalate the Currency War to the new Cold War and even the WWW III based on Syria YouTube evidence.
  Today, when Gold is punished again, it is very good time for reflection and education for the place of Gold in the recent corrupt FIAT based monetary system and the upcoming new Gold based currency system, which is already under implementation by the BRICS countries.

Does one 'super-corporation' run the global economy? - The Network of Global Corporate Control

"As Mitch Feierstein explains in his book "Planet Ponzi", you will not get much anything else if you are not in the Circle of Old Boyz. Oh ye, oops: we are wrong here - we will All get our Taxes Increased, Starting with Inflation. We will All get the Bill left from Those who continue to Party even now.

  Suck it up my friends, just suck it up. If you are not on the Payroll in Washington, DC or with other Members of the Oldest Pioneer Organisation - we are All pretty much ... (Add the Spice here to your liking)."

MineWeb: Jumping Chinese gold imports on pace to 1,000 tonnes GLD, GDX, GDXJ, MUX, TNR.v

GLD ETF Investors Unable To Get Physical Gold GLD, GDX, GDXJ, MUX, TNR.v

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