Sunday, September 22, 2013

Jim Puplava: Jim Rickards on Currency Wars End Game: Gold And Oil. GLD, GDX, MUX, TNR.v


  Jim Puplava talks with Jim Rickards this week on the Currency Wars End Game - Inflation and its implications for the US Dollar, Gold and Oil. Jim sees that deflationary and Inflationary forces are compensating each other at the moment. FED very badly wants Inflation and printing money. Inflation is not coming yet and so they are printing more, but once Inflation comes it will run away again like in 70s. Gold and Oil will go much higher in this case. 
  Another very important trend is the accumulation of Gold by BRICS countries and, particularly, by Russia and China. Jim mentions that they are preparing to the end of US Dollar as the reserve currency. As Pail Volcker has put almost 50 years ago: "If people have confidence in US Dollar, nothing can destroy it. If they have lost this confidence, nothing can save it."

Jim Puplava’s Big Picture: A Conversation With Jim Rickards

The Outcome of Currency Wars Will Be Inflation

Eric Sprott: "China Bought 60% of Gold Production Last Month, I Am Buying Gold And Silver Stocks Now." MUX, TNR.v

"Price of Gold and Silver will be the main driving forces for all survived companies. Eric has very bold prediction for Gold going to $2400 by next year: "The most important thing in the precious metals business - the price of precious metals. They all go up if the price of Gold will go up. The question is which one will go up 200% or 500%. If the Gold will go up to $2400, I can bet that the Gold miners index goes up 200%. What we are trying to do: where is the one which will go up 1000%."

MineWeb: Jumping Chinese gold imports on pace to 1,000 tonnes GLD, GDX, GDXJ, MUX, TNR.v

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