Sunday, September 01, 2013

Mike Maloney: Gold & 140 Years Of Monetary History In 10 Minutes


  Mike Maloney continues his monetary education series. It will be very good stepping stone in order to understand what is behind the FIAT monetary system. 
   After "YouTube Syria evidence" presented in order to start the new war, U.S. and its former Reserve Currency of Choice - US Dollar are living on the very thin air of Faith left in this bubble. 

Silver & Gold - Hidden Secrets Of Money - Seven Stages Of Empire

What Is Our Money And Why China Plans To Move To A Gold Backed Yuan Currency.

"We have more and more news coming out about the tectonic shift in geopolitical landscape and ongoing Currency Wars. China learns very fast, even if Maestro Greenspan has already forgotten the ancient wisdom. Further education will help to understand our flawed monetary system and the value of gold for the investors even if Bernanke, who is busy destroying the US Dollar with the FED "does not have any clue about it."

Playback: Glenn Beck Exposes the Private FED; Gets Fired by Fox

"C.S. It is not the new video, but Glenn Beck is a very good showman to show the dramatic complications surrounding privately owned Federal Reserve. With President Obama now "close to his decision"  on the new Chairman for the FED, the clear understanding of this organisation will help us all to survive the "Taper of QE".
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