Friday, November 16, 2012

Powered By Lithium: Track Tested: 2012 Tesla Model S — Video

  "Can an all-electric car feel as good as a gasoline-powered car? And, exactly how quick is it? Watch the Edmunds testing team run numbers on the Tesla Model S to find out."
  These guys Know what they are talking about - Electric Cars are Not Toys any more.

  "Instant Torque - It Was Shockingly Quick Off The Line."

Powered By Lithium: 2012 - The Year of Tesla Model S

Powered by Lithium: Electric Cars Made in USA - 2012 Tesla Model S - Jay Leno's Garage

"Our hat goes off to Jay Leno! You can hardly call him a "Tree Hugger" with his own garage full of Beautiful Beasts, which are not just consuming Gas, but literally Guzzle it by gallons. Everything is solid about this man, his career, his relaxed "down to earth" approach, his reluctance to take any sides. He knows everything about cars and how to enjoy those ones, which are Really Good. Tesla Model S is the first Electric Car, which was not trucked to his Garage and you can Burn Some Tires as well! 

"The problem with Electric Car is Solved! It is made right here in America by Americans and it is pretty cool! The Future of Burn Out is saved with Tesla model S."           Jay Leno.
C.S.  We all love so very different Things, but we all know - when we see something Special. What could be so Common among so Different people like Angus Young, Steve Jobs and Elon Musk? - It is The Passion, the Love and Drive to what they are doing. It can burn you out, but you will never live just to pass another day. 

  Now let's take some Lithium and Shake Up the Old Boyz, who would like to keep us all on the Oil Needle.

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