Thursday, November 01, 2012

Powered by Lithium: Electric Tesla Model S wins "2013 Automobile of the Year"

  Revolutionary Tesla Model S receives more and more recognition coming from the auto industry insiders.  

"AutoBlog: Automobile Magazine recently spent the better part of three days getting to know 28 of the latest and greatest cars on the market to pick its Automobile of the Year, and today it announced that the 2012 Tesla Model S was given this coveted award. As much as the all-electric Model S means to the automotive world, we'd be surprised if it doesn't snag a lot more hardware in the next few months.

The Model S beat out cars like the 2013 Cadillac ATS2013 Ford Fusion2012 Porsche 911 Carrera S and2013 BMW M5 with its sleek design, luxurious and tech-filled interior and, of course, its unique electric powertrain that offers both an incredible all-electric range and equally eye-popping performance.To narrow down the top candidates for the award, Automobile took all the cars out for two days of road testing and then spent another day at Gingerman Raceway in Western Michigan, and the performance aspect of the Model S seemed to surprise and/or impress a lot of the magazine's staff more than anything else. To prove how fast the car is, they did a drag race to 100 miles per hour with the Tesla and the new M5, and the Model S won. The 265-mile driving range and 17-inch touch-screen display won points for the car, too."

Powered by Lithium: Electric Cars Made in USA - 2012 Tesla Model S - Jay Leno's Garage

"Our hat goes off to Jay Leno! You can hardly call him a "Tree Hugger" with his own garage full of Beautiful Beasts, which are not just consuming Gas, but literally Guzzle it by gallons. Everything is solid about this man, his career, his relaxed "down to earth" approach, his reluctance to take any sides. He knows everything about cars and how to enjoy those ones, which are Really Good. Tesla Model S is the first Electric Car, which was not trucked to his Garage and you can Burn Some Tires as well! 

"The problem with Electric Car is Solved! It is made right here in America by Americans and it is pretty cool! The Future of Burn Out is saved with Tesla model S."           Jay Leno."

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