Saturday, November 10, 2012

Obama's Complete Victory Speech: Obama Wins the 2012 Election

Search for the truth is the noblest occupation of man; its publication is a duty.

"Anyone who follows us will know what we are talking about here - those who have crossed the line know it as well. For all others - we will talk here about the Things in General, not the particular Case. 
  There are too many Liars, there are too many Lies around us. Are we all doomed in the end? Not at all - if we will start to think and stand up, one by one. Start with the small things - Not to Let the Bully to get his way at School, in Business or just around the corner. Bring the Truth to the surface and use Light to cut the shadows. We are much stronger: after all the Lies are just Lies and people who continue to do it know it too well. 
  Now we will divert your attention from our message to those who can be the Inspiration and the Voice of Reason despite all this mess."

The History Of Money And Why US Dollars Are Issued By Private Bank - Federal Reserve System

Ron Paul: The Movie

"Join the Freedom Revolution!

In an age of shameless hypocrisy
where all still swear allegiance to a Constitution
they have no intention to obey...

One man has stood for decades
against the tides of corruption...
Often he has stood alone...
No more."

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