Saturday, July 30, 2011

Lithium Drive: BMW iBrand Electric i3 and i8 Concepts - Complete Press Conference ilc, tnr.v, czx.v, rm.v, lmr.v,, sqm, fmc, roc, clq.v, wlc.v, tsla, li.v, lit, nsany,, bmw, f, gm,, ree, res.v, quc.v, dai, byddf

  Prototypes are prototypes - they never make it to the production line in its full design glory, but they drive the auto industry forward. BWM was hesitant to embrace the Electric Cars for a while - all German automakers has invested billions in development of clean diesel technology and Fuel Cells. Now BMW is catching up and moving very fast, i3 and i8 are promised to be on the market by 2013. 
  BMW brand can make Electric Cars fashionable and reliable in the eyes of the upscale auto market - it will drive the mass market for the Electric Cars with its ads and brand recognition buzz.

"Lithium Drive: Warren Buffett: "In not many years, you are going to see a clear change towards Electric Cars" Warren Buffett first pronounced in November 2009: "In 20 years, all cars on the road will be electric" Now we can hear his call on Electric Cars from the Master himself. He has invested in BYD - Chinese auto maker and Lithium battery company, which promise to bring its Electric Cars to U.S. BYD has made later investment in Lithium producer in China. We are in a very good company with our Lithium Dreamz."
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