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  Rare Earths have a very wide range of applications, we have been covering mostly those ones crucial for the Electrification of our transportation - namely Neodymium and Dysprosium. LED is another driver for this sector. With looming Energy transition to post carbon society LED will be taking a crucial role in energy conservation and China leads here the way again.


  With James Dines calling on the last opportunity to get on the Rare Earths bandwagon we continue our search for the fundamental drivers in this sector and the hidden value opportunities among the bitten into the dust juniors miners.
  This week reversal in the markets with S&P advance of more than 5% provide some hope for the risk sipping down the food chain into the miners and junior mines particularly. Jim Puplava this week talks about the record level of short interest in Mining stocks.

"Lithium Charge: China Begins Implementation of "12th five-year" Plan for Electric Cars. China takes Electrification of its transportation system very seriously and Chinese companies are very active now in the Lithium and Rare Earths spacesecuring the supply of this strategic commodities."

China's LED industry under the 12th Five Year Plan
Jessie Lin, DIGITIMES Research, Taipei [Friday 1 July 2011]
China's focus on developing energy-saving and environmental industries under its 12th Five Year Plan promises to deliver a considerable boost to its LED industry. This DIGITIMES Research Special Report provides in-depth analysis on how each segment of China's LED supply chain, from the mining of rare earth elements to the implementation of LED streetlights will be affected.

DIGITIMES is offering an early bird discount of 33% from the US$1,500 list price of the report for subscribers who order before July 14.
Output value distribution in the China LED industry, 2008-2010 (b CNY)
China's 12th Five Year Plan (12th FYP) for the 2011-2015 period is intended to address issues of both economic growth and energy consumption. Among the seven new key industries listed in the 12th FYP are "energy saving and environmental protection" and "new materials," both of which are closely connected with the LED industry. While China's LED industry in China is still in its initial phase of development, the considerable boost promised by the 12th FYP will ensure that the industry plays a major role in both GDP growth and reducing energy consumption.
The China LED industry is currently somewhat bottom-heavy in structural terms, with a large downstream sector matched with only a small upstream industry. This means that despite the fact that China-based firms lag behind Taiwan-based firms and the major international players in upstream sectors such as LED epitaxy technology, the potential for future growth remains enormous. The effect of the 12th FYP and associated subsidy policies is projected to lead to healthier and more comprehensive development throughout the entire LED industry in China.
The 12th FYP will also leverage China's considerable advantage in rare earth materials to promote the development of the LED phosphor sector in China. Following China's imposition of limits on rare earth exports and the quarter-on-quarter increase in the price of such materials, the issue of whether China opts to use rare earth materials as a strategic commodity to pursue technical partnerships with foreign companies will be one of the developments that is most worthy of close attention.
Table of contents
 Price: NT$32,000 (approx. US$999)

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