Saturday, February 20, 2010

TNR Gold Lithium Corporate Strategy COO Interview with Jay Taylor's Watchlist TNR.v, CZX.v,, ABX,, LMR.v, LI.v, RM.v, WLC.v,,

Exploring for Lithium, Rare Earth Metals, Precious & Base Metals across the globe from Argentina to Ireland!
TNR Gold Corp.
(TSX-V: TNR) is a minerals exploration company actively exploring a portfolio of properties worldwide for lithium and rare metals. TNR has a strategic balance of both pegmatite and brine projects - pegmatites with the advantage of presence rare metals such as tantalum and niobium, while brines offer the low-cost large scale production of lithium carbonate that will be increasingly important. TNR has secured over 292 squared kilometres of well-known pegmatite belt in Ireland, acquired a past producing tantalum mine area in Northwest Territories never tested for other rare metals, staked USGS-tested lithium brine properties in Nevada around the only current lithium brine producer in North America, acquired 120 squared kilometres of salt lake in Argentina, Mavis Lake, and other properties!
TNR will be actively seeking property development with its proven joint venture model. With rising energy demands and increased reliance on lithium ion technology from hybrid and electric vehicles to portable devices, Green Energy is the trend of the future and these acquisitions are the first of many progressive steps for TNR in becoming a prominent Lithium and Rare Earth Elements explorer.
Our primary focus in Argentina is the exploration and development of three key projects in Argentina: Mariana, El Salto, and El Tapau. We continue to explore our other properties while identifying new quality prospective projects. TNR will strengthen its assets through partnerships with mid-tier and major companies, and establish long-term cash flow through royalty interests and project development.
The Mariana project is a lithium salar in the Salta province of Argentina with good infrastructures and accessible year round. TNR owns the entire salar which presents an unique advantage over several other lithium companies in the area sharing salars with others. Initial sampling and hydrogeology studies have been completed and exploration drilling will be underway in 2010 to work towards a resource estimate.
El Salto and El Tapau are strategically situated 50km apart and both have year-round access. El Salto is a Copper-Gold-Molybdenum system that appears to be part of a series of porphyry systems known as the "Yellow Belt" district of San Juan. TNR's 10,500m drilling program is currently under way at El Salto. El Tapau is a Copper Gold target. Systematic rock chip samples over an area 600 metres by 400 metres uncovered gold values as high as 19 g/t, with an average value of 2.2 g/t. The 2008 Program for El Tapau includes detailed geological mapping, systematic rock sampling, geophysical IP Survey, trenching, and the Phase One 3,000m Drill Program.
In Argentina, TNR Gold Corp's holdings are held under the wholly-owned subsidiary Solitario Argentina S. A. ("Solitario").
TNR also has two large projects in Alaska - Shotgun and Iliamna. Shotgun hosts a million ounces of historic gold deposit, while Iliamna is an early-stage exploration project divesdted from BHP Billiton showing geological similarities to the nearby Pebble Deposit, approximately 50km away."
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