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With every Auto Show more and more models of Electric Vehicles unveiled and Plug-In Hybrids are coming into mainstream model range for the number of automakers.
"Availability of serious capital for Better Place and Nissan is very encouraging. You have to make your homework right in order to find the right financing opportunities in Electric Cars value chain. Newcomers on Technology or Auto making side will be evaporated overnight by Toyota situation as it is today. It is time when very risky plays on Lithium and REE supply side could provide actually more security as a sector entry with at least technology risk minimised."

Auto Show Spotlights Hybrids, Electrics
More Companies Making Green Vehicles

Judging by the trends at the Chicago Auto Show, cars of the future will use less gas and more electricity.

GM Volt

Fisker Karma

Hyundai Blue-Will

The Kia Ray is named after sunshine. The concept hybrid gas-electric car is made to look sexy and still be practical. Kia designers said it has a small carbon footprint without being a carbon copy.
"Efficiency and with passion, that's the future our customers want, said Kia's Michael Sprague.

The Ray is one of dozens of new alternative fuel vehicles on display at the Chicago Auto Show. Motor Trend editor Angus MacKenzie said it's a sign of the times.

Kia Ray
"What is going to happen is the American consumer is going to be offered a portfolio of power train choices," MacKenzie said. "For the first time in over 100 years, the gasoline engine is no longer the default choice for the American consumer."

Ford is betting its small business customers might like an all-electric option for the new Transit Connect minivan. The automaker said the van can go 80 miles on a full charge. Another version is powered by natural gas and is designed to be the next fuel-efficient taxicab.
"The transit electric vehicle means two things," said Ford's Derrick Kuzak. "No gas and zero emissions."
Toyota, already a leader in hybrids, is unveiling its new plug-in version of the Prius later this year, but only in small numbers. It unveiled a concept car called the Ft-Ch that could become its next compact hybrid.
Honda is debuting its smallest hybrid in Chicago. The sporty CR-Z is a 2011 model and offers the first six-speed manual transmission to add a little pep to the gas-electric engine.

Fiat is offering a tiny 500 EV electric car worldwide that will be sold at Chrysler dealerships in the United States.
At General Motors, Chevrolet announced that the first Volt electric car will roll off the assembly line in November. Cadillac is also jumping into the hybrid frenzy with its concept XTS, a preview of the automaker's new full-size sedan.
"A lot of focus was made on the interior to make it roomy and spacious with incredible technology like connectivity," said Cadillac marketing director Steve Shannon. "The other thing that's big news in the car is the first application for us of a plug-in hybrid, so it's a gorgeous interior, a plug-in hybrid and the exterior speaks for itself."

The most luxurious hybrid has to be the Fisker Karma. The former Aston Martin and BMW designer wants to build and sell 15,000 of what he calls the world's first luxury plug-in hybrid-electric vehicle.
"When you look at this vehicle, that's the reaction you get because they don't know that a plug-in hybrid can be sensual and beautiful in design and still be environmentally responsible," said Marti Evlberg of Fisker Global Sales. "We have the accountability and the sensuality in one vehicle."
Still, the Fisker Karma hybrid's starting price, $88,000, means it's not for everyone.
All of the new hybrids and other new cars are on display at the Chicago Auto Show, which opens Friday and runs for 10 days at Chicago's McCormick Place.

Toyota FT-CH

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