Monday, April 13, 2009

TNR Gold TNR.v Appoints Dr. Frederick W. Breaks to Advisory Board. TNR.v, SQM, WLC.v, CLQ.v, GM, F, TTM, BYD

CS. In our Junior DD investigation management is always the first check point. Should we try outsmart Warren Buffet who says that he never did a good deal with a bad people? On another hand he mentioned that business should be simple that even the dumb person could run it, because one day it will. Our philosophy is to put 10% of our Capital in order to receive 100% return. Few will fail, few will reward handsomely if we did our homework right. We can not allow in our investments in speculative high leveraged Junior plays anything which will be less then the best available. Too many risks are already in the game. Management is the main competitive advantage in this game: to secure the best deals - properties of merit, to finance the development and to attract industry majors, who are ready to pay the big buck down the road for successfully developed resources. That is why we are following plays with Lukas Lundin or Robert McEwen. Not everything they touch will become Gold, but a lot of things did.

TNR Gold TNR.v attracted Dr Breaks a major expert figure in the REE market with few discoveries behind his belt, junior is apparently betting on Lithium story and moving fast putting properties and people able to develop them together.

"VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - April 1, 2009) - TNR Gold Corp. ("TNR" or the "Company") (TSX VENTURE:TNR - News) is pleased to announce that Dr. Frederick W. Breaks has been appointed to the advisory board.
Dr. Breaks is a Ph.D. and Professional Geoscientist who is well known as a Lithium and Rare Earth Elements (REE) expert in Canada. A proven explorer, he discovered two significant lithium-rich deposits: Avalon Venture Ltd.'s Big Whopper pegmatite near Kenora, Ontario and Houston Lake Mining Inc.'s Pakeagama Lake pegmatite in the North Spirit Lake area of Northwestern Ontario. His ability to create genetic and exploration models of lithium-rich, pegmatite deposits was developed during his career at Ontario Geological Survey where he authored and coauthored over 120 peer-reviewed scientific papers.
President Gary Schellenberg comments, "We are pleased to welcome Dr. Breaks as an advisor to our company. I am confident he will play a pivotal role in the company's worldwide search for Lithium and REE projects both from a technical standpoint and through his network of industry contacts." For more information about TNR's Lithium properties and Dr. Breaks, please visit our website at**http%3A//
TNR is a diversified metals exploration company focused on identifying new prospective projects globally with 19 properties currently in its portfolio.
The recent acquisition of Lithium projects in Canada confirms the company's commitment to project generation, market diversity, and building shareholder value.
On behalf of the board,
Gary Schellenberg, President"

More on Dr Breaks discoveries:

The Big Whopper, one of only four giant economic rare metal pegmatites worldwide, is set to become a producer of the highly valued lithium mineral petalite (LiAlSi4O10) used in glass, ceramics and the specialty glass-ceramics familiar as Corningware® and the new ceramic stovetops.

The Pakeagama Lake pegmatite, located 160 km north of Red Lake, is one of the largest and most highly evolved rare-element-mineralized pegmatite systems in the Superior Province of Ontario, Canada. It is a LCT pegmatite enriched in Li, Cs, Rb, Ta, Sn etc.

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