Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Lithium: Recharging solutions for Electric cars. TNR.v, SQM, WLC.v, CLQ.v, GOOG, TTM, GM, F, OIL, OIH, RIMM, BYD

It is a pity that City boys are now employed in McDonalds and Domino Pizzas - we will not see a lot of these beauties on the old streets for a while.

But these babies will make money to automakers and their suppliers. Recharging problem is getting addressed all over the world and once batteries will improve to 200 miles range, electric cars will be a hit. Long recharge hours is not a problem if you are at home even now, longer range will clear this issue for vast majority modern commuters.

Tesco is the largest chain of supermarkets in the UK. 20 minutes charge time does not sound so long if you are shopping. Another solution for Emerging markets and cheap electric cars will be standard Energy Units based on lithium-ion and Lease them when selling the car to the customer. Energy Unit or batteries is one of the most expensive parts of any electric car now. Instead of one time charge customer will pay monthly lease on Energy unit and can replace it at any recharging station within minutes, leaving empty one behind.

"Forsaken gas stations in London may be going from gassy to green this year thanks to Evoasis. The company recently announced its intention to transform the stations from gas pumps to slick new high-speed electric vehicle recharging stations.
Recharge times for electric cars will be approximately 20 minutes and, in the case of the first station, will include 12 charging spots. They will include a lounge that will sell food and drink to the waiting customers. This first of six such stations will go up on Grosvenor Road.
Evoasis is also looking to work with Tesco and the Westminster council to provide stand-alone charging points.
Geoff Hoon, Britain’s transport minister, recently stated that since 2004 almost 5,000 electric vehicles have been registered for the road with 1,322 coming from last year."

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