Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lithium: How to invest in the Next Bull. TNR.v, SQM, GOOG, AAPL, RIMM, FCX, RTP, WLC.v, CLQ.v, CNY.v, BYD, TTM, GM, F, HUI, XAU, FCX

The question is simple: who will drive this baby and who will change the Plug.

CS. Things are happening fast in this still very small electrified market, which is coming out of its infancy. We are more confident by the day that our analyses about Next Big Thing and Bull market are going to be confirmed by market valuations.

We are always insisting that you should confirm your thesis in the market place. If Mr Market will not get your story within reasonable time, you are not going to make any money. Do not expect him to take on things immediately, only when sufficient mass of herd mentality will provide a false feeling of safety and excitement, he will come to you. And it is your lucky chance to be ahead of the heard, make your research and decision before the others and get in at Low and be able to sell at High in years to come.

We have a few developments within our Lithium plays and even new player is coming in within last few weeks. In order to keep your head above the water in understanding, what is really going on, do your own research and call the companies - even the manner of speaking to you or not speaking at all should help you in your decisions. There are a few web based sources of information which are available as well, but always check all facts with the relevant company.

One of the Blogs we are following has published recently a very good coverage of Juniors - Leveraged Plays in our Next Big Thing. Almost all major players are mentioned and there you can get initial good taste of things happening in that hot kitchen at the moment. Who will succeed in the race? Maybe all of them, maybe not - you will have to make your DD and place bets accordingly. The place is not very crowded at the moment and you can make still a good selection for your Lithium portfolio exposure according to your taste.

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