Friday, May 16, 2014

US Dollar Exit And Gold: ZeroHedge - Moscow Says Massive "Holy Grail" Gas Deal With China Is 98% Ready


  Update May 21st, 2014.


Russia And China Finally Sign Historic $400 Billion "Holy Grail" Gas Deal

  ZeroHedge reports on further developments around the US Dollar Exit and geopolitical Chess Game - it is all about Resources and Energy is the most important of them. Today we have the very important confirmation to our previous discussion - this is what will drive the Old Good Street On Street Fight in our former Global Village for years to come:

Currency Wars: Russia Holds "De-Dollarization Meeting": China, Iran Willing To Drop USD From Bilateral Trade

  "C.S. We are going into the next stage of The Currency Wars when our previous discussions on this blog are getting into the headlines from Kremlin.Geopolitical map of the world is being re-drawn as we speak now. Our Global Village  is getting to the good old street on street fight. The reason is simple: There Is Not Enough. You can print money and manipulate equity market in to the All-Time-High for a while, but you can't print Oil, Copper, Gold and other commodities without which any growth is impossible. We all need to eat in between of our sessions on Facebook and even Google search will not bring us food into the mouth yet. Our dear Apple is really great, but we can not eat iPads even if their prices are "deflationary". We need Gas, Fertilisers and even more Oil to grow our Food and deliver it. 
  Have you noticed that with global growth in economy being barely above the water and China's "Collapse" Oil prices are strongly north of $100 mark? Where is all that Shale Oil and Gas? What will happen when economy will start growing for real?

  China knows is too well that is why it is buying resources all over the world, including Copper and Lithium. It has the military plan of Electrification of its Transportation and for Alternative Energy. Just check the numbers on Wind and Solar Power installations in the world. Energy Storage is the next stage and Lithium is at the core of it. Now China benefits from all these games and manipulations in the Gold market and buying best Copper deposits in the world.

  Have we mentioned already that poor Ukraine has been caught between the rock and the hard place? That nobody really cares about its Independence or its Proud People? That Joe Biden son has joined the board of the major Gas producer  in Ukraine? Or that it is all really about China? Empire has the only one resource left - its Military Complex (Industrial part of it gone, but Nukes are here) and it is playing the very dangerous game to leverage it and slow down China.

  Can even the good Golfer who is spending more time on the Greens than in the War Room fight with the Bear Hunters or Shaolin Masters? This is the question two charts are talking about. US Dollar above, which is playing with dangerous 80.00 level after breaching 79.00 once already these weeks; and Gold below, which is harder and harder to break down below MA200. 
  Nobody knows the future, but the one outcome is already here: due to stupidity and arrogance the world has another Tsar  and will have one more retired Golfer ... Read More"


Moscow Says Massive "Holy Grail" Gas Deal With China Is 98% Ready

"We have previously profiled the "holy grail" gas deal between Russia and China on several occasions, and with its announcement scheduled for next week (barring some unmitigated disaster) during Putin's first visit to China since Xi's appointment as president last March, it is time to do a status update on where it stands even ifaccording to SCMP, at this point finding the "holy grail" is merely a formality.
The Hong Kong publication reports that China and Russia hope to sign a massive deal for natural gas supply when their leaders meet in a regional summit in Shanghai next week, a senior diplomat has said. Under the deal, Russia will supply 38 billion cubic metres of natural gas annually to China for 30 years. Deputy Foreign Minister Cheng Guoping told reporters yesterday that President Xi Jinping would discuss the deal and other points of co-operation with his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin, who will visit Shanghai on Tuesday. Read More."

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