Thursday, May 08, 2014

Kirill Klip: Market Manipulations, NI 43-101 And How The Honest Person Can Survive In Junior Mining. TNR.v ILC.v MUX


  We have another "freedom fighter" joining our blogosphere and raising concerns about the ongoing manipulations in all markets, including Gold, and junior mining particularly. The only weapon against the darkness is the light. Lets support the Voice, donate your tweets and likes and follow for this one. Respect. By the way US Dollar is ... up now at 79.25! No there is Nothing to talk here about!

US Dollar Dives Below 79.00 - How Long Can They Keep Gold Down? GLD GDX TNR.v MUX NG ABX

  "I have an hour break after my CCs with China and Australia this morning and have some time to share couple of very important things today with you. 
  First of all, the rumours of collapse in China are greatly exaggerated in the West, to the benefit of ... China. China buys record amount of Gold as well as Copper projects all over the world like Las Bambas and looking at others using the "soft market environment". Chinese companies are growing into industry leaders like Ganfeng Lithium and securing the supply of strategic commodities for the Electric Revolution all over the Globe.
  Secondly, trying to find the answer to the question in the headline - it is almost impossible. I am personally making this risky experiment with my money to prove that it could be done. I have it done before in the company of the very strong industry titans like Lukas Lundin. One of my best operations so far was Tenke Mining, which was sold to Lundin Mining. I had a lot of others as well in Gold, Silver, Uranium, Zinc and Copper and we will discuss them later - what can be used to bring the success to our next stories. You have already guessed it right - it is TNR Gold and International Lithium. My mouth is where my money is.
  Manipulation is rampant in all markets: HFT Flash Boys, LIBOR, FOREX, Pensions, Energy ... Gold. Some of the former conspiracy theories are going in the court rooms now, others are still waiting for their time. But nothing could be compared with naked shorting and manipulations in the illiquid junior mining stocks. Dirty tactics are used all over the market like the banging the juniors into the close, suppressing the prices during the accumulation. Not a lot of people are talking about it - not a lot of us have the voice. And that is the real problem. Just have a look at the OTC market full with companies  with the  word Lithium in the name. Every major industry development like Tesla Gigafactory is greeted with Pump and Dump, just check the charts. Read more."

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