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Kirill Klip.: Tesla's Elon Musk Expects 'Hundreds' Of Gigafactories As Lithium Battery Production For EVs Triples In Three Years. $ILC.v $TNR.v $LIT


  After recent developments in the Energy sector this leadership from Elon Musk deserves support from all people who can still manage to apply their brain for the proper use, are you ready for another war to liberate another Oil and Gas fields? We still can try to stop it. Dump The Pump!

US Dollar Exit And Gold: ZeroHedge - Moscow Says Massive "Holy Grail" Gas Deal With China Is 98% Ready

  "ZeroHedge reports on further developments around the US Dollar Exit and geopolitical Chess Game - it is all about Resources and Energy is the most important of them. Today we have the very important confirmation to our previous discussion - this is what will drive the Old Good Street On Street Fight in our former Global Village for years to come:"

Kirill Klip.:

Tesla's Elon Musk Expects 'Hundreds' Of Gigafactories As Lithium Battery Production For EVs Triples In Three Years.

  We have discussed with you my personal vision of the Market for Electric Cars and Lithium Industry developments yesterday. I might be very "responsibly conservative" for the prospects of our Lithium Battery Industry after all!  Today you get the bold vision from our Electric rEvolution leader-in-chief Elon Musk. AutoBlogGreen reports: "Tesla CEO Elon Musk Expects "Hundreds" Of Battery Gigafactories.

"Tesla Motors has officially announced it will build a massive electric vehicle battery factory, which it calls agigafactory, to make a huge amount of cheaper lithium-ion pack for the EVs of the future. It says these packs are so important that it is working on plans for a gigafactory in two locations, just to make sure there is a Plan B if something goes wrong with Site A. But how many gigafactories could there one day be?
  According to Musk's vision, expressed at the World Energy Innovation Forum held at the Tesla Factory in Fremont this week (where he also said that using the Lotus Elise as the basis for the Tesla Roadster wasnot the best idea), the auto industry will one day need hundreds of battery gigafactories. Now, that's not hundreds of Tesla gigafactories, but he thinks there will need to be 200 just to supply the automotive industry. Throw in stationary energy storage and iPads that run all year, and the number climbs even higher. AutoBlogGreen."

  LG Chem is already planning its own "Gigafactory" in China now. Everybody would like to have the slice of 26 B Lithium Battery Industry and "Battery-Pack Production For Plug-Ins, Hybrids, Triples In Three Years", according to another AutoBlogGreen report. Now you can appreciate this picture better:

  "We live in the exciting times during Electric Cars rEvolution. Tesla’s plans to build Lithium battery Gigafactory have ignited interest to all our industry. They have received further confirmation now with the announcement that  Panasonic has signed the letter of intent to participate in the project. Elon Musk has announced that Gigafactory Site Will Break Ground next month.
  Due to the unique specific chemical qualities Lithium based chemistry for the batteries has become the automakers’ industry standard for their Electric Cars. Decades of research and billions of dollars invested in Lithium Technology have made it possible now. Tesla will invest 5 B in the Gigafactory and there are recent reports projecting the Lithium Battery growth into 26 B industry within next decade.  Goldman Sachs estimates that Gigafactory will potentially consume 17% of the current Lithium supply. Add to it Nissan and its partner Renault, BMW, Mercedes, WV Group, GM, BYD, KANDI and other names from China, which we are going to hear more and more - you will get a picture of dramatic increase in Demand for High Purity Battery grade Lithium."

  Elon Musk confirms another very important outcome of his Tesla Gigafactory plan. It will not only  reduce the cost of existing batteries by 30% and allow Tesla Model E launch with 200 miles range and price tag of 35k, but also Tesla Model S and X can get the better quality Lithium Battery Packs for up to 400 miles range. Once "affordable" Electric Car can go over 300 miles range the Electric rEvolution will be happening for real! Read More."

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