Thursday, March 13, 2014

Paul Craig Roberts: US is Completely Busted, Non-Delivery of Gold - Crash the System, War in Ukraine TNR.v MUX GDX GLD


  Gold is above $1,370 today and US Dollar is testing another low of 79.30. Paul Craig Roberts  is pouring very cold water on the hot heads from the "DC Command Centre". All these War games can be ended in the very real tears, world is too much interconnected today in order just to punish "the bad guy". Somebody wants the War too bad with any excuse and it is not the good idea at all. Ongoing Financial War already distorting the markets and U.S. recovery is too weak to handle and further external shocks. The very least what BRICS can do now is they will speed up their De-Dollarisation plans.

Junior Miners: Gold Breaks $1,360 As US Dollar Slides Further Down TNR.v MUX GDX GLD ABX NG RGLD

"Gold breaks $1,360 today with US Dollar sliding down to 79.63. China's worries and Ukraine situation are putting futures under pressure. Could it be that the Copper slump is the counter strike at Chinese shadow financial system in the ongoing Financial War? We will never get the clear answers here, but US Dollar is sliding further today and Copper at this levels can not indicate the healthy growing economy. 
  Gold is climbing the "Wall Of Worry" in its new Bull market and we have a lot of calls that this rally will be short lived. Shorts will be surprise and will have to cover again providing more fuel to this move. Now the second wave of advance in Gold Junior miners should confirm this rally. Major companies are solidly off the lows from December, but smaller companies were still lacking the bids behind. With rising Gold price the best projects held by juniors will come on the investor's radar screens."

Dollar Crashed Below 80.00 What Is Next For Gold, Copper And Lithium? TNR.v MUX ILC.v GDX

"In a few words: they all are going much higher now. Let's discuss why we think it is going to be the case. This week we had the very important move in the US Dollar:
"Initially US Dollar went up on the escalation of the situation in Ukraine - as any potential military action in the world is supposed to be positive for the U.S. Military Complex, but on Friday with major headlines from Moscow about Ukraine Dollar has dived decisively below 80.00 to the 79.78 close.After these U.S. actions in Ukraine considered as an insult by the Kremlin the least you can expect is selling of the US Treasuries by Russia and, maybe, already accelerating of selling by China as well . They have been already smelling the rat about the USTs Game Of Musical Chairs for a long time. It is just too personal. None of these two countries - or it will be better say leaders - would like to be liberated next in any circumstances."
 What is coming next for stocks and commodities? The concept of Great Inflation in 2014 was first introduced here by Toby Connor article and so far the market was unfolding as he has predicted. The most important observation here is that not only we are seeing the first signs of increased money velocity and unfolding Inflation in the different Commodities Breakouts, but that FED is actively looking forward to create Inflation. Janet Yellen statements about desired level of Inflation were quite a revelation for the Central Banker to say the least. Never fight the FED and with the help of Russia and China US dollar will slide down even more and Inflation will be coming not only onto your grocery bills, where it was never gone, but even into the massaged government statistic reports."

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