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Lithium Catalyst: Half Of All Cars Banned From Paris Roads Over Smog; Electric Cars Exempt ILC.v TNR.v LIT RM.v


  Green Car Reports about this sign of time and this trend will provide the further catalyst for Electric Cars mass market. Air pollution in the cities becomes very serious issue and now electric cars technology allows us to dramatically  change the way of urban mobility. 
  China and India simply can not move any further with urban mobility without implementing mass market for Electric Cars, now Europe is moving ahead in that direction as well. London was talking a lot about being the Capital of Europe for Electric Cars. Maybe now the healthy competition with Paris will put actions along with words. So far Frenchman is taking London over with his 3000 electric cars for hire.

Lithium Drive: UK Government commits to electric cars LIT, ILC.v, TNR.v, RM.v

 "Electric cars are taking the world with one car at a time. Tesla Model S has made them the reality and upcoming mass market electric car from Tesla Motors will make this revolution for real. BMW i3 will challenge the urban mobility status quo this year as well. UK is destined to be the leader in Electric cars with its relatively low average range driving statistics and system of Tesla's Superchargers can do the trick. Elon Musk is the official adviser of the UK government now and we can expect that things will start moving fast in the right direction. Today we have another positive step towards real energy independence and clean air in London.
  China is literally chocking with pollution and electric cars are the obvious solution for urban mobility over there. Lithium developers are out of market favour now, but wait when investors will connect the dots again. Ganfeng Lithium is already the market leader in China in the lithium strategic supply chain and  extending its raw material base with International Lithium strategic partnership. Today's news from UK are putting new perspective to International Lithium 10 million J/V development partnership in Ireland with Ganfeng Lithium."

Lithium Catalyst: 100,000 Electric Cars Target Of Chinese Car Sharing Project ILC.v TNR.v LIT TSLA KNDI

 "China finally moves in the right direction rolling out Electric Cars with the necessary scale matching the size of the pollution problem. The urban mobility in China is only possible with the mass market for electric cars being implemented. Now we have all conditions to make it happen. Lithium technology has advanced enough and Tesla Motors has shown how it could be done. Chinese automakers and Lithium Industry is moving fast now into the area of future growth supported by the government. Watch closely further developments in this sector - this next explosive investment trend is finally taking off for real."

Lithium: A Long-Term Investment - Buy Lithium! ILC.v TNR.v LIT TSLA AAPL RM.v

Green Car Reports:

Half Of All Cars Banned From Paris Roads Over Smog; Electric Cars Exempt

Hazardous levels of pollution have caused authorities in Paris to enact its first car ban since 1997.

The French capital will ban all vehicles on alternate odd and even license plates today and tomorrow in an effort to reduce the output of polluting particles in the air, following a run of warm, windless days that have trapped pollution in the city.

However, drivers of electric and hybrid vehicles will be exempt from the restrictions, reports The Independent, as are taxis, buses, emergency vehicles and cars carrying three or more people.

All French license plates end in a two-digit number. This number will be used to determine which cars are allowed through the city each day--a similar system has previously been used in China to curb its own pollution problems.

As pollution levels climb above 80 micrograms of particulates per cubic meter, Parisian pollution problems are being blamed on the high number of diesel vehicles on French roads.
In the 1960s, the French government and industry made the decision to move to diesel, which was deemed less polluting than gasoline at the time.

As a result, the country taxed it less heavily than gasoline, and the major French automakers turned their attention to producing diesel engines.

Unfortunately, this has since proven an unwise move. Until the latest generation of diesels, equipped as they are with particulate filters, urea injection and other emissions-scrubbing systems, diesel emissions have been much more harmful than their gasoline counterparts.

High levels of particulate matter are blamed for various respiratory diseases, while higher oxides of nitrogen are a primary cause of smog.

Fear of voter reprisal has seen successive governments shy away from increasing diesel taxes, as two thirds of cars on French roads use the fuel.
Paris previously raised the idea of banning classic vehicles from the city's roads as a way of reducing levels of pollution.

Such a ban would remove some of France's most iconic vehicles from the capital's streets, and angered classic car fans--whose vehicles make up only three percent of traffic in the city.

And in 2010, Paris trialed a ban of gas-guzzling SUVs, hoping to reduce pollution and greenhouse gas outputs.
The latest ban is sure to be unpopular with the city's residents, though some bus and underground services are offering free transit for the days of the ban, in an effort to help keep cars off the road.

But as traffic levels increase, the French capital's ban on polluting vehicles is unlikely to be its last--and could be adopted by other cities facing similar challenges in future.
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