Wednesday, January 08, 2014

David Morgan's 2014 Silver Survival Guide SLV, MUX, TNR.v, GDX

  David Morgan shares his outlook for Silver and Gold markets in 2014. This discussion provides the very good explanation how the Silver, Gold markets and Bullion banks are functioning. COMEX, LBMA and other industry organisations are explained in a very comprehensive way and it will help you to cut to the bone through the jargon studying these market.

Adam Hamilton: Silver Short Squeeze SLV, MUX, TNR.v, GDX

"Adam Hamilton presents his outlook on the recent situation in Silver market. Gold and Silver have very strong start in 2014 recovering from the testing of Double Bottom in 2013 on the new money allocated to the sector. If next week this dynamic will continue we can have the very explosive situation as it happen in summer 2013 with Silver skyrocketing towards 25 mark. Junior miners should participate in this fireworks again like it happen with McEwen Mining and TNR Gold before, which we are following here. The chart above from KWN demonstrates that Silver is now extremely oversold."

Eric Sprott 2014 Sends Gold North of $2,000 and Silver Over $50 GLD, MUX, TNR.v, GDX

"Gold has started new year with the bang and is solidly up from the retest of the low in 2013. Bearishness in the sector is another reason for the big turn around and equity markets are taking a breather now as well. Great Rotation from Bubbles into the Real Assets could be just in the beginning. The action next week will be very important for Gold and Silver markets and Gold mining shares."

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