Saturday, January 11, 2014

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: If the Currency Collapses & You Try to Flee Into Gold, There Won't Be Any GLD, TNR.v, MUX, GDX

  Dr Paul Craigs Roberts talks about all markets being manipulated and presents the big picture of the Gold market and ongoing QE by the FED. Gold price action became the threat to the FED's policies and Gold was smashed down to preserve the status quo and save US Dollar. Markets can not be manipulated forever and now we have the situation when bullion goes to the East and to China particularly with the very dear geopolitical consequences. There is no recovery in U.S. economy and there is no Jobs creation - we would like to mention that this interview was recorded before yesterday disaster with Jobs numbers of only 74k being created and collapse in labour participation numbers.

Bloomberg: China May Become The Third-largest Holder Of Gold GDX, TNR.v, MUX, GDX

"Here it comes and a lot of people will be taken totally by surprise. Record buying of Gold by China last year will be translated in the much higher Gold holdings by PBOC. Bloomberg reports that these holdings could surpass now those of Italy and France - Jim Rickards talks about the announcement by Chinese Central Bank of 5,000 t of Gold holdings in the nearest future. It will be the game changer and puts Gold solidly into the investment game as well. Yesterday shock with Jobs numbers can be the sign of the real state of US Economy and it means that FED does not have any real exit strategy from QE permanent state. In another news Royal Mint in UK has run out of gold coins due to the exceptionally high demand."

Peter Schiff: Gold & Dollar - An Imaginary Recovery Does Not Create Real Jobs

"Huge miss in Jobs numbers with only 74k created vs estimated well north of 200k can not be just dismissed as a blip in the data. Peter Schiff discusses that FED can not really Taper now, there is no real recovery and FED does not have the exit strategy. Gold is waking up to these developments. What if this data is the real state of the economy? Once people will realise how wrong is the expectation about the recovery Gold will go straight up. COMEX data shows that Gold shorts will be in trouble very soon."
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