Monday, December 16, 2013

ZeroHedge: Is The Perfect Storm Coming For Gold? GLD, MUX, TNR.v, GDX


Is The Perfect Storm Coming For Gold?

"Due to western central bank price manipulation, the mining sector is in critical condition, the supply line is all but halted, and the physical supply is being swallowed up by Asia. The last shoe to drop is for major mining companies to start closing down production at major mines. Though this would be perceived as the end for gold, speculators will be happy to know that this would be the beginning of the biggest Fed induced bubble in history! But unlike previous Fed bubbles where they support the price increase, the gold bubble will be a result of western central planners mis-managing the gold price for the past 3 decades and finally losing control. As Peak Resources explains in the brief clip, the perfect storm is coming for gold..."

Rob McEwen: “The Next Run Will Be Driven By Gold Moving Higher, As Well As New Discoveries” MUX, TNR.v, GDX, GLD

Rob McEwen gives his view on the Gold market and what will be the driving force behind the next Bull Run. He is looking for the deals in this market environment and that new discoveries will be driving the successful companies backing them. Meanwhile Gold is under pressure today testing the recent lows. Equity markets are drifting lower and Interest Rates higher. Rob reminds us, that turnaround can be very fast as we saw this summer after Gold has bottomed out and miners were spiking up. Equity markets are very high now and Gold sector is very undervalued, people will start looking at the relative values at these levels.
  Los Azules Copper project development in Argentina remains the major ace to come from Rob McEwen's sleeve in this market environment, which can dramatically change valuations of the companies involved: McEwen Mining and TNR Gold.

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