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US Dollar is Down Now And Gold Goes Vertical GLD, MUX, TNR.v, GDX



  We do not know whether it is the shellbomb or just another scam around Bitcoin, but decided to share it and find comments from more technically sophisticated readers:

Dorit Ron and Adi Shamir
Department of Computer Science and Applied Mathematics, The Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel {dorit.ron,adi.shamir}

"5 Conclusions
The Bitcoin system is the best known and most widely used alternative payment scheme, but so far it was very difficult to get accurate information about how it is used in practice. In this paper we describe a large number of statistical properties of the Bitcoin transaction graph, which contains all the transactions which were carried out by all the users until May 13th 2012. We discovered that most of the minted bitcoins remain dormant in addresses which had never participated in any outgoing transactions. We found out that there is a huge number of tiny transactions which move only a small fraction of a single bit- coin, but there are also hundreds of transactions which move more than 50,000 bitcoins. We analyzed all these large transactions by following in detail the way these sums were accumulated and the way they were dispersed, and realized that almost all these large transactions were descendants of a single transaction which was carried out in November 2010. Finally, we noted that the subgraph which contains these large transactions along with their neighborhood has many strange looking structures which could be an attempt to conceal the existence and relationship between these transactions, but such an attempt can be foiled by following the money trail in a sufficiently persistent way."

  Something interesting is happening with Gold today. After all the positive news about the economy Gold was not sold off, but was crawling up with much higher US Dollar. Now US Dollar is Down for the day and Gold is sharply Up in vertical reversal to $1245 from day's low of $1211.
  Is somebody getting Short Squeezed already? Number of mainstream banks were calling for Gold going down to $1180, $1150 or $1000. Maybe somebody doesn't like to push his luck this time? We will monitor the situation and Interest Rates now.
  As we have discussed, the collapse in Bitcoin will ignite the next Gold Bull Leg Up, according to Business Insider clever people are cashing out Bitcoin into Gold and Silver already!

People Are Buying A Lot Of Silver And Gold With Their Bitcoins

"Amagi Metals chief Stephen McAskill told BI in a separate interview that his site processed $900,000 worth of bitcoin between Thanksgiving and Sunday. The biggest selling items? Silver and gold coins and bars." 

Michael Snyder: We Are Near The Peak Of An Absolutely Massive Stock Market Bubble GLD, MUX, TNR.v, GDX

"Michael Snyder presents a great compilation of the Bubble signs in the markets. We will add Bitcoin and Quark to the list. The way Gold is smashed today again is making us wonder: is it "Gold market" pricing in Taper or preparation for No Taper announcement by the FED?
  NYSE Margin Debt normally peaks before the Top in the Equity markets, what will be the Catalyst this time?"

Bubbles Chronicles: Bill Still Is Pumping Quark vs Bitcoin - Collapse Is Near

  "All world has gone mad: Bill Still is pumping Quark! Just watch this video and remember how the Bubble stage looks like and what are the arguments presented to buy something "which definitely will go up." We must be very close to the Bitcoin final parabolic rise before the Crash. If Bill Still can not withstand the plot to get fast rich scheme, what can we tell about the other people?
  It is very interesting that Bill talks about another 30 crypto-currencies and there are at least 100 else are in existence. Why on Earth to buy Bitcoin at $1200 if you can buy "the better" Quark, which was pumped by Bill Still only to 4.5 cents by now (more then 2000% as Bill proudly has noted!?). Just Sell you Bitcoin now and move down the food chain - "it will be a sure thing: all crypto-currencies will go up once Chinese will be able to buy it, particularly after the Bitcoin will be Crashed." 
  It looks like we have found finally our own youth portion and will spread our bets evenly among all 100 crypto-currencies, with this kind of sure gains how can we lose anyway? Can you imaging if India will join this crazy feast, what about Malaysia? You can monitor some of those Crypto-Currencies here: Crypto-Currency Market Capitalisation. Junkcoin is not doing well - must be something with its name ... all others are "solid investments".
  Can somebody tell Obama to put NSA to proper work finally? Just make the super duper NSAcoin with triple encryption, warranted from Spying and accepted for Tax payments and let Obama to Pump it a little bit ... 17 Trillion in Debt will be repaid very soon - at least we will have better roads and bridges. Can we get into this one as well at the start of Pumping?
  And yes, who needs Gold and Silver any more, particularly, when it goes nowhere in price or even down compare to Quark as Bill is reporting? All that dirt, billions of investments - who are those silly people buying all that Gold any more? "

China, India, Turkey and Thailand Buying Record Amount of Gold - What Do They Know The Others Don't? GLD, MUX, TNR.v, GDX

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