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CEO of BTC China: China Does Not Allow Goods And Services To Be Sold In Bitcoin


  We have great interview to share today with everybody excited by the Bitcoin phenomena. You can decide whether it is bubble or not at this stage now. Making your "investment decision" about Bitcoin and other 42 Crypto-Currencies, please do not forget that you are listening to modern days California Gold Rush Shovels Shopkeepers. Please note that payment services in Bitcoin are not allowed now and the main attraction for Bitcoin becomes ... "saving" and speculation, we can certainly agree with the last one. And what makes it "safe": "...because Bitcoin can not be manipulated as easily as FIAT currencies" ... no comments here.
  There are a lot of interpretations about the recent ban by China for its Financial Institutions to use Bitcoin. So it is very important to get the full information about the actual rules implemented by China. Your opinions about implications of these rules for the Bitcoin's future can be different from other people, but at least we have to get to the plain field in order to make any analysis. We will point out to the excitement of the speaker with "tons of speculative money coming into the picture". And now Litecoin Pump is On. Just listen to the interview and separate hype from the facts and how the Bubbles look like this days.

Bitcoin Crashes As China Bans Financial Companies From Bitcoin Transactions

 "After Peter Schift, The Economist, Forbes and even Mr Bubble himself - Mr Greenspan - have called Bitcoin The Bubble it took the announcement from China to Crash it down from Double Top and parity level with Gold. It is important to note thatChina has been buying the record amount of Gold this year and has encouraged its citizens to accumulate it. Now China is explicitly warning its people about the dangers of Bitcoin speculative Bubble and effectively taking its out of official monetary system.

  Now position of FED and Congress on Bitcoin is getting more interesting: do we have the Mexican standoff between Gold backed China, FED backed US Dollar and ... NSA, sorry Satoshi Nakamoto backed Bitcoin?

  Gold should be waking up to the Bitcoin action after this Chinese move and its timing is very important as well: Gold is very close to retest this year low."

The Chase Is On: JPMorgan Chase Building Bitcoin-Killer

After years of allegations about involvement in Gold and Silver manipulation JPMorgan is chasing Bitcoin. So much is for Bitcoin "Gold 2.0" "Limited supply" - you can chose already from 43 listed crypto-currencies and now more are to come. After China and South Korea have banned Bitcoin from Financial Institutions the race is on among the Central Banks to outlaw it. Banksters "are always ready to help here.  JPMorgan involvement in the "Bitcoin-Killer" is very interesting in light of recent reports from Turd Ferguson that for the long time JPMorgan is Net Long Gold and will stand to benefit from the Gold price going higher this time. Gold is spiking up this morning to $1260 and US Dollar is very close to the crucial 80.00 level - the end of 2013 will be very interesting to say at least."

Wake up and Smell the tulips - When will the Bitcoin Bubble burst?

 "Madness of crowds is presented on the chart above and it is our top pick for the chart of 2013. Erik Steiner has created a very good presentation on Bitcoin: discussing in depth advantages and disadvantages of this particular crypto-currency and why it is now in the Bubble stage. His observations about the possibility that the Ponzi Scheme architecture is created by design in Bitcoin are very intriguing.

  We will add that recent push of Bitcoin by Bank of America, CITI and Merrill Lynch are not very aligned with the "freedom fighters". It looks more and more that corporate interests are already running it wild if they were not the creators of "Gold 2.0" from the beginning in order to distract 99% from the real values of Gold and Silver. 

  Latest report from China shows that not all the world went crazy these days."

These Three Graphs Prove That Bitcoin Is a Speculative Bubble


1. "but essentially if bitcoin is not a currency in China and china as a state only recognizes one single currency which is the RMB. therefore all merchants, stores and services can only accept the RMB. since bitcoin is not a currency and not a recognized currency so it's actually a logical conclusion that china for now will not allow goods and services to be sold and paid for by bitcoin" Bobby Lee (CEO of BTC China)"
2. Audience: Goods/services can not be sold in bitcoin. Im wondering if most investors in china are they expecting that to change?

Bobby Lee: So that’s not going to change anytime soon. The government has made it clear that goods/services can not be priced in btc and can not be sold and paid for in btc. So that’s the current stance. All companies under the china law will follow that.

3. Audience: Can you clarify as whether all merchants are not allowed to accept btc or is it only for existing financial institutions?
Bobby Lee: it’s both. Financial institutions can’t touch it and goods/services are not allowed to be sold or priced in btc. Two different points and they both apply.

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