Friday, April 19, 2013

Gold Wash Out - Chinese Gold Exchange Sold Out - Begins Importing From Switzerland

  The result of the Special Op Gold Wash Out could be quite contrary to the desired one - Kill the Confidence in Gold as Ultimate Currency.


Chinese Gold Exchange Sold Out - Begins Importing From Switzerland

Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society Runs Out of Gold... Importing from Switzerland and London
Hong Kong’s Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society has been in operations for over a century, and it’s President Haywood Cheung was interviewed by Bloomberg news earlier today.  Whoever orchestrated the attack on gold and silver in the last week or so has gravely miscalculated, since the response to the drop has been surging demand for physical gold and silver.  While I tend to be skeptical when I hear about silver shortages since these reports have been so exaggerated in the past, the lack of silver coin availability and premiums are the most extreme I have seen since the financial and economic meltdown of 2008.  Now we discover that the Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society has essentially sold out of gold bullion, and must wait until Wednesday for shipments to arrive from Switzerland and London."

Special Op: Gold Wash Out. China Takes Another Stab At The Dollar, Anonymous Takes On The FED

"We all can have the different views on Anonymous, but timing of all recent events is pointing out to the very serious financial situation underlying the so apparent manipulation in the Gold market these days. If it takes Years for Germany to bring its Gold back - how much Gold Is There If Any Left?
  And here we go with another twist to the Friday's Gold Wash Out Special Op - ZeroHedge reports on another direct currency swap line established by China with France. This is just getting more serious day by day - US Dollar is under threat as the Reserve Currency of Choice, which is No More Wanted. The question is: will other Central banks join the FED in order to Kill the Confidence in Gold to protect the US Dollar Status now?"
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