Monday, April 08, 2013

Jim Puplava And John Kaiser On Naked Short Selling In Junior Miners And The Future For The Sector

  Jim Puplava and John Kaiser are discussing in depth the phenomenon of the naked short selling and its applications for the junior miners market. It is the rare occasion when anybody  even talks about it and it is of the utmost importance for every investor in this sectors.

Jim Puplava’s Big Picture: An In-Depth Conversation on Gold with John Kaiser

The Reasons Behind the Bear Market in Gold Equities and What Comes Next

"Jim welcomes special guest and independent gold analyst John Kaiser of Kaiser Research Online and Kaiser Bottom-Fish Online. In a wide-ranging discussion on gold and gold equities (click here for charts), John and Jim look at the reasons behind the bear market in gold equities; the fundamentals of the mining business, the rise of the Robo-Traders, and the role (and complicity) of the regulators. They also discuss catalysts for why the gold market can recover and continue higher, and why it won’t take Armageddon. John and Jim also advise what to do as a gold stock investor, and how to not fall prey to the Robo-Traders. Also, Jim answers more of your Q-Calls in this segment."

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