Friday, December 14, 2012

Powered by Lithium: FIA Formula E Electric Car racing is Here, will come to Rome first in Europe

  Electric cars are Not Toys any more, Electric Car Formula E racing will bring this revolutionary technology on the TV screens and, as with all auto makers, new ideas will be field tested on the racing tracks first and then will make its way onto our driveways. We like this Energy - this guys are pushing Electric Cars racing for Real now!

"Money Talks in this business world - Talison Lithium will be Taken Out By Chinese Tianqi, in order to Break The Oligopoly in the Lithium market and Secure This Strategic Commodity Supply for the basis of The Next Industrial Revolution. Rockwood Holding has now five business days Right to Match the Offer from China."

Why Mitt Romney, Big Oil, and the Koch Brothers Do Not Like Electric Cars Made In USA?

  While we are reading the bashing of Electric Cars from "journalists" still using typewriters and Oil Fuelled Lamps to provide The Guidance, Silicon Valley Heroes like Elon Musk are making The Future. But can they succeed Alone vs Big Oil?

Lithium Race: Formula E CEO Alejandro Agag on Bloomberg News

Generate Change 

"The world is changing. An appreciation of our finite resources and the impact we have whilst using them is well documented. Sustainability is not only the phrase of the moment, but the mantra of tomorrow. As one world together, we must shift our habits and generate change."

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