Thursday, December 06, 2012

Powered By Lithium: BMW i8 2013 New York Commercial BMW Electric Hybrid

  This is The Right Energy For us. Electric Bimmers will make The Green Mobility Revolution happen for Real. Ones the Big Boyz from Auto Sector and such iconic brand as BMW start to promote Electric Cars for real our modest effort on this blog will be unnecessary any more and we do hope that will be able to Retire filthy rich just checking from time to time our Holdings in Strategic Commodities.

Lithium Drive: 2014 BMW i3 Coupe Concept at LA Auto Show 2012

 "Please meet the Baby Electric BMW i3 - it looks very nice and solid. Actually, it is that rare occasion when the real car looks better then its prototype. The prototype had a "plastic feeling" for us - this one looks like a Real Bimmer."

Lithium vs Big Oil?

“If at first, the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for" 
Albert Einstein.

 Now we have BMW on our side, not fully committed yet like Tesla Motors, but it is the very important development for our Sector.

"John talks with the head of BMW's i Design about the exterior styling elements of the i8 Concept. Guest host Michelle Krebs from gives her analysis of November's sales numbers. All that and more, plus we have the results of this week's poll question, who you thought was the biggest winner in LA."
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