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Austrian School of Economics: The Gold Standard in Theory and Myth by Joseph Salerno

"The final lecture in a series of ten, presented at the "Austrian School of Economics: Revisionist History and Contemporary Theory" seminar, hosted by the Mises Institute. 06/10/2005"
"Despots and democratic majorities are drunk with power. They must reluctantly admit that they are subject to the laws of nature. But they reject the very notion of economic law . . . economic history is a long record of government policies that failed because they were designed with a bold disregard for the laws of economics."
— Ludwig von Mises, in Austrian Economics: An Anthology

  CS. It is time for Education and Austrian School of Economics will the very good base for any well rounded individual. It is truly Amazing: How Our World Has Changed Even from 2005, just listen to the comments about the Gold price, US National Debt and Federal Balance Sheet. All Fundamentals are The Same - we have just moved from Billions to Trillions in a few very short years talking about Debt and FED.
  Gold provides the Golden Cuffs on The Government - It Is Not Able to Engage Private FED in order to create money out of thin air and debase the US currency, taxing the Savers and Expropriating Their Saving by Creating Inflation. Just remember How Much the Real Things were priced when you were  kids.

The History Of Money And Why US Dollars Are Issued By Private Bank - Federal Reserve System

  We will throw few charts and a couple of links: One guest of Jim Puplava is taking about Dow to Gold ratio dropping to at least 5. It means that with all QEn+1 DOW can Reach easily 15,000, but Gold price will be at 3,000 at that moment. Below is the chart showing the relation between the two Measures of Wall Street Health (DOW) and Real Wealth Preservation (Gold). 
  The very interesting observation one can make here is that Wall Street is making its money on the "commissions" and Turn Over of the Market numerous times between the Muppets (as introduced in our Sci-Fi Movie Script).
  It does Not Matter where actually The Dow Is - the Talking Heads on Bubble TV are generating Trades and Trades are generating Commissions, but general direction should be Up - to please the Servants in order to continue their Servitude to The Masters.

Jim’s Big Picture: The Three D’s: Demographics, Debt & Deficits- The End Game

Sci-Fi Movie Script: "Federal Reserve - Keeping The Strong US Dollar Policy From 1913 - Established To Serve and Protect" GS, JPM, BAK, C, HBC

"Scientific Background: Unproven Austrian Theory that Debasing Of The Currency Creates Inflation by Definition and represents The Form Of Taxation and Confiscation of Wealth (suggested to change Wealth to Savings - These LowLifes even can not bet 10 grand at a time"

  Jim Puplava talks about some ideas in The Air of Paul Krugman being the next FED chairman - Gold Bugs Will Rejoice!

The Gold Bug Manifesto By Paul Krugman: End This Depression Now


The US Dollar: Trouble Is The Only Way is Down:

And Gold Is Happy To Report The Real Measure Of Currency Debasement.

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