Friday, June 29, 2012

Lithium Drive: Everything You Want To Know About Tesla Model S - Pure Electric Car

  Tesla Model S is the new frontier, it is the rEVolution happening in front of our eyes. Real Electric Cars are here now. These great videos are matching the Energy and Drive of Tesla:

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Tesla Model S is amazing car. Tesla Model S is The Car of the future, today.

It is phenomenal. In all ways. In the way of safety, luxury, performance, handling, but the most important, it is the zero emissions car! It is a pure electric car on its best. Produced by Tesla Motors, visionary Californian company leaded by Elon Musk.This video shows my admiration for Tesla Model S. The video is a compilation of Tesla Model S in pictures in slideshows, and Tesla Model S movies."

Lithium Catalyst: Tesla CEO Elon Musk: Half Of New Cars Will Be Electric In 15-20 Years!

"Antony Ingram reports on the very ambitious predictions by Elon Musk about the Electric Cars future. Tesla Model S is in the headlines this week after its launch and Elon Musk knows what he is talking about - breaking the spell that Electric Cars are not as good as the conventional ones. Tesla Model S is up to this task - next step is the cheaper Electric Cars which can bring the real mass market."

Mineweb: Demand for lithium nearing break-out point

"We have one more article on Lithium Demand - this time from respected mining source - Mineweb. You will have more information to draw your own conclusions as always."

CNBC: Lithium - Big Money Banking on Bull Move in This Metal

"Now CNBC is joing the Bloomberg and Barron's with our Next Big Thing - Electric Cars and strategic commdities to make it happen - Lithium, REE and Graphite. Big players must have been already positioned themselves at the Sector Low and waiting for the general public to wake up with Tesla Model S in the headlines. You still have the luxury of building your own collection with Lithium Juniors, which are in a  depressed state of the mind today."

Barron's: Lithium Could Power Higher

"After the launch of Tesla Model S Barron's is making its take on Lithium - the Next Big Thing story is coming back on mainstream investors' radar screens."

Bloomberg: IPad Boom Strains Lithium Supplies After Prices Triple

"There are a lot of bargains now among Lithium developers after the recent scare in Argentina. Catalyst will come with clear picture from Argentina, Risk On Trade,rise in M&A activity and Tesla Model S, which will start to be delivered to public in the next couple of days."

International Lithium Corp.- Global Portfolio of Lithium Assets ILC.v, TNR.v

Lithium Catalyst: Live Video of Tesla Model S Launch - Responsible Luxury With 265-mile Range

"This is The Future - we can still chose it. We can still share this Energy and Drive, we can chose stop the wars, stop funding of terrorism and Dump the Pump! As one very wise and honest  person has put it: "How to stop wars and terrorism? - Stop using Oil."  
  History is happening in front of our eyes today - Tesla Model S first Electric Car, which is actually better than conventional car in the same pricing category, is coming into the mass production. In order to be responsible  to your own future and contribute to the next Technological rEVolution you do not have to sacrifice any safety, comfort or performance! Forbes yesterday has pronounced "Tesla Model S: "If Apple Made A Car, This Would be It" - we were calling for it for years!

Lithium Drive: Steve Jobs’ Apple iCar dream - Mickey Drexler: "Steve’s dream before he died was to design an iCar.”

 "We were always hoping that he will make his entrance into the Electric Cars space - he was always up to the magnitude of this task - to change the world one more time.
   He did not have a lot of time left to do it. Who will take his place now in our Lithium Dreamz? Elon Musk and his Tesla has a very good chance to make it. Or maybe it will be Google guys with their billions of cash and drive to change the world? Or maybe Apple with Steve Jobs' legacy can still make it? Will it be Facebook or Twitter who will connect us again in physical space and make our freedom possible in the post carbon world?
  We need the Manhattan project for the Electric Cars in our broken society and we need it right now - who can lead the world into the future?

Electric Cars industry gives Trillion market place business opportunity to fill. And we will throw again as with Apple iCar - Why Not?"

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