Monday, June 25, 2012

Lithium Catalyst: Tesla CEO Elon Musk: Half Of New Cars Will Be Electric In 15-20 Years!


  Antony Ingram reports on the very ambitious predictions by Elon Musk about the Electric Cars future. Tesla Model S is in the headlines this week after its launch and Elon Musk knows what he is talking about - breaking the spell that Electric Cars are not as good as the conventional ones. Tesla Model S is up to this task - next step is the cheaper Electric Cars which can bring the real mass market.

Lithium Catalyst: Live Video of Tesla Model S Launch - Responsible Luxury With 265-mile Range

"This is The Future - we can still chose it. We can still share this Energy and Drive, we can chose stop the wars, stop funding of terrorism and Dump the Pump! As one very wise and honest  person has put it: "How to stop wars and terrorism? - Stop using Oil."  
  History is happening in front of our eyes today - Tesla Model S first Electric Car, which is actually better than conventional car in the same pricing category, is coming into the mass production. In order to be responsible  to your own future and contribute to the next Technological rEVolution you do not have to sacrifice any safety, comfort or performance! Forbes yesterday has pronounced "Tesla Model S: "If Apple Made A Car, This Would be It" - we were calling for it for years!

Barron's: Lithium Could Power Higher

"After the launch of Tesla Model S Barron's is making its take on Lithium - the Next Big Thing story is coming back on mainstream investors' radar screens."

Bloomberg: IPad Boom Strains Lithium Supplies After Prices Triple

"There are a lot of bargains now among Lithium developers after the recent scare in Argentina. Catalyst will come with clear picture from Argentina, Risk On Trade, rise in M&A activity and Tesla Model S, which will start to be delivered to public in the next couple of days."


Tesla CEO Elon Musk: Half Of New Cars Will Be Electric In 15-20 Years

Last time Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk made a bet, with journalist Dan Neil about several aspects of the Model S, he won it.

That same confidence and ambition has now led him to make another--that by the late 2020s, more than half of all new vehicles being manufactured will be electric.

If you're raising an eyebrow right now, you aren't alone. Elon's ambitious prediction hugely eclipses that of market analysts, who do predict a rise in the number of EVs by 2020, but not to the extent where they account for more than half the market.

Beyond that, predictions are less clear--so Musk might be on to something.

Speaking on Friday, as he was handing over the keys to the first Model S buyers, Musk said: "In 20 years more than half of new cars manufactured will be fully electric... I feel actually quite safe in that bet. That's a bet I will put money on."

According to Reuters, Musk said, "It's probably going to be in the 12- to 15-year time frame."

Even Nissan, makers of the Leaf electric car and partners to EV-focused Renault, predicts a lower number of electric cars by 2020. Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn says that by the end of this decade, ten percent of all new vehicles will be electric--still higher than analysits predict.

Analysts will no doubt be watching Tesla closely over the next few years, to see if the company can deliver on Musk's claim that it will deliver over 20,000 Model S vehicles next year.

One set of keys to be handed over on Friday was for Tim Draper, venture capitalist and business partner of Tesla Model S owner number one, Steve Jurvetson.

"It's the smoothest car I have ever driven," Draper said.

Smooth perhaps, but not as smooth-talking as Elon Musk. Will he win his bet? It seems unlikely, but we're not counting against it either..."
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