Sunday, March 11, 2012

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  GM backs Envia Systems and looks like have bought a ticket into the electric future with lithium wonder battery. Now GM is rolling out Opel Ampera in Europe and finally this technology will be available for the European customers. Gas prices in Europe are already above 8 dollars per gallon and dynamic in the electric market place will be very interesting.

Lithium Game Changer: GigaOm: A battery breakthrough that could bring electric cars to the masses

"After last week's "Bricking Out" outcry about Tesla Roadster batteries, Electric Cars developers strike back with the new lithium batteries technology breakthrough! Envia Systems claims the new lithium battery technology with Energy Density of 400 Wh/kg and cost of $125 per 1 kWh. Envia Systems joins German DBM Energy, which has been lost in translation recently with its wonder Kolibri Lithium Battery and confirms Elon Musk with his call on cost of Lithium Batteries dropping below $200 per 1 kWh soon. Now, even rumors about all electric Renault Zoe 2014 with 220 miles range could be more credible.
  Our Lithium developers are waiting for this technology confirmation to break out from the consolidation stage now.
   It looks like Warren Buffet will be right on the money again with his call on Electric Cars!"

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